The Scrawl Vol. 3, No. 2

2018-01-23 10.12.00

As of today, it’s been two months since the last edition of the Scrawl! Yikes! Part of the reason for this is procrastination (triggered by the terrible angst of having pictures on multiple devices and rarely getting a kid-free moment at the computer), but part of it has also been my deliberate attempts to live more present to my little family and devote the non-crazy-busy moments to worthy tasks (which doesn’t exclude blogging, but you get the general idea). We’ve been on the Fast Metabolism Diet for almost 12 weeks now, and while I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it and am working out a good rhythm for it, it is still a lot of work, and much of my time is consumed by meal prep. But I’m excited to report that, for the first time since getting married, part of my normal daily routine (thank you John for letting me consistently sneak out during naps) includes personal devotional time, exercise, and a little bit of creating (sewing or painting or crafting of some sort). It really isn’t much, but considering that always before, these were things that I snuck after everyone else was in bed at night if I had the energy, it’s light years better. Of course, things still get tricky when I’m so exhausted that I have to sleep during naps or I’m behind on work or John is teething or something, and I still have my days where resentment of others’ quiet time when I have none sneaks in and I have to do battle with all those temptations, but it feels like such a huge step in the right direction.

2018-02-02 16.18.17

The kids are continuing to delight us with their development, play, and other antics. Maria is super into stories, and quotes her favorites all the time in her imaginative play. “Take this, Mama, it’s dripping honeycomb!” “He opened a bottle. Slime!” and so on. She loves to sing, sometimes songs she knows, sometimes ones she’s making up. The other day, she started out singing, “God loves a cheerful giver, hahahahaha!” and switched gradually to “God loves a cheerful dinner, hahahahaha!” She loves going places and having company over.

2018-02-02 16.18.31

John is walking now, and is proud to carry things in both hands as he toddles about, especially books. He’s expanded his vocabulary to include “nuh” (nurse), “muh!” (snack), and “gobbledegobbledegobble” (accompanying a hand down my shirt, this one also means nurse). He says “please” in sign language very well. He can climb down the stairs holding the railing (he never did learn to crawl down them backwards). He continues to love table food, especially meat and beans. He loves to play with Maria, and while some days they spend the greater part of their time together squabbling over one or two toys, books, or chairs, most days they play together peacefully. His favorite animal (at least in books) is the dog, whose sounds he loves to mimic.

2018-02-16 17.25.36

Stephen has continued to work hard with his painting job (which also includes sanding, drywall stuff, and all kinds of things that I’m sure I would not name accurately), and after Easter will begin another part time job, this one as Coordinator of Liturgy and Catechesis at a nearby parish. He’s added Ukrainian to his linguistic pursuits, and on occasion will oblige us by spelling our names in Cyrillic.


Stephen’s parents came for a visit this past week, which was lovely. We went out for ribs to celebrate his dad’s birthday and came home for lemon meringue pie. We got to go to a concert performed by the Wheaton Women’s Chorale at St Paul’s Cathedral, which was beautiful. And of course there were plenty of games and stories and shopping and lovely fellowship!

2018-03-09 17.01.23

Of course we’ve been keeping busy with plenty of other escapades; we’ve been trying to keep up a monthly Evensong and potluck, which has been delightful, and I’ve even found time for misadventures like slipping on the ice and falling on cement steps while holding John (we’re both fine) and being the lady with little kids that the drunk guy decided to sit behind that one night at Liturgy (thankfully we had plenty of people keeping an eye on us who were ready to move in when it appeared to be necessary). Besides this, our life has been pretty humdrum and peaceful. I think.

2018-02-13 14.32.07

I leave you with John’s exciting nap hair. Until next time!


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