The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 26

Just look at that crazy laughing face! What could be more hilarious than riding on Daddy’s shoulders?

Olive fingers!

Public Service Announcement: moldy dishwashers happen. And there are lots of places in dishwashers for mold to hide. After I noticed it creeping up on the dish racks, I did my research and rolled up my sleeves and blockaded my kitchen thusly, due to a certain little man’s desire to always dwell within the dishwasher.

Where there is a will, there is a way. I finally ended up strapping him in his booster seat, but even so, after I had put us all through the misery of 1.5 hours scrubbing (only about a third of which he was actually in his chair, but still), I had barely touched the surface, it seemed. I put everything back in the dishwasher and resigned myself to washing dishes by hand. Five days later, when Stephen’s dad and I decided to tackle the rest of it, much of the surfaces I’d cleaned off were recovered with mold. With a lot of elbow grease and persistence and Stephen’s mom helping out with John, we got all the mold out we could, and ran white vinegar through the dishwasher just in time to do prep dishes for Thanksgiving. I won’t be taking a clean dishwasher for granted anytime soon, and if I notice mold in there again, I know how to take care of it before it spreads!

Take a picture of me, Mommy!

This crazy man. Right in the midst of Thanksgiving prep, he started climbing everything. He can climb up on the step stool to lord it over sinks and counters, he can climb up to get things off the piano, he can turn on and off the tub and would likely climb inside if his attempts to do so were not so rudely interrupted. He doesn’t walk, though. He’s starting to stand without support for longer periods of time, but if you hold his hands and try to get him to take a step, he sits down with a defiant plop! I think he just wants to have it figured out so that he can do it perfectly on his first try.

Train rides!

He doesn’t usually hold still for pictures because the phone is too delicious not to grab. Love this little man.

And at it he comes!


Our Thanksgiving dinner table, minus the dressing, which had to be put back in the oven (I think it did that to me last time I made Thanksgiving dinner, six years ago in NZ, too). I was anticipating the dressing the most, but when I taste tested the gravy, I realized that it’s really the best part of the meal. Yum. We’ve been eating leftovers all week, which has been so nice.

From a trip to the park with Grandpa and Grandma H on one of the warmer days they were here.

Looks like Maria has the whole posing thing down better than John does, ha!

Stephen and I got to have a date with just the baby! We went to Mass, ate breakfast at Bruegger’s, went to Hobby Lobby, picked up some coffee (I’d been looking forward to that part for two weeks!), spent a few hours at Leaflet Missal (supposed to be Christmas shopping, but that was left for the last half hour or so after Stephen was done looking at all the books and I was going a little crazy with John and hunger), ate at Culver’s, then spent a half hour in the sunken gardens at Como before meeting Stephen’s folks for dinner. Maybe a little too much for one date, but it was good anyway.

It was super warm on Monday, so I took the kids to the park. I realized that it was the first time I’ve taken them alone since John was born, because it’s been something we’ve done for family time, but of course it gets dark too early to do it in the evening after Stephen gets home from work now.


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