The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 19

We’ve spent a good bit of time traveling over the past month, between going to our diocesan synod in Illinois and then after a week at home, visiting family in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan. The kids were good travelers overall, and we sure loved naptime – time for Mama to read uninterrupted out loud!

We took Stephen’s sleeping bag with us for Maria to sleep on, which was a fun adventure for her, as well as something familiar she could look forward to…and it meant we didn’t have to share our bed with her!

Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t have hurt to share this one with her. We lucked out and got a king sized bed in the hotel we stayed at during Synod. I have a love-hate relationship with king beds. It’s so nice to have space that the baby doesn’t have to always be against me, but…if I’m wanting to snuggle with Stephen and then I pull the baby to me to feed him, I’m likely about two counties away from my water bottle. And I need my water bottle. We talk about upgrading to a king someday, especially because Maria still does get in bed with us sometimes, which is not a pleasant experience, as it requires John and me to be wedged into the middle between Stephen and Maria, who are each up against the edge…but if we ever do, we’ll have to come up with some solution. Like a shelf over the bed for water and books. Maybe. Because then you could knock contents of said shelf onto sleeping children…maybe not such a good plan.

John loves it when I jump with him in the carrier. Also, he has the best grin ever.

Maria is a huge fan of bright yellow wayside flowers, and they collect and wither in the car when she forgets them. In addition to their beauty, she finds them useful for a game she plays that she calls “blowing”, which, as far as she can see, is what those folks do outside buildings (smoking).

I love that Maria goes off to “read by herself”. I may need reminded in ten years or so that it is a lovable thing.

Jack-in-the-Box! We don’t call him Jack, but I couldn’t resist the pun.

Maria had so much fun with her Tucker cousins, but this was the only picture I got during our visit…because I was so busy having fun, too! It was so good to have some time to hang out and catch up.

Just a couple of crazies. Freeman finally got to meet John! Freeman was confirmed the same day that John was baptized, so I guess that makes them some sort of sacramental pals.

Loving the head-tummy rub! And this was the only picture I took during our week in Hillsdale. *insert facepalm* We had a relaxing, fun week together, and did indeed succeed in surprising Stephen’s mom by arriving on her birthday!

We stopped in Wheaton to lunch with Freeman on our way back, and remembered to take a picture!

John is suddenly sitting up by himself and keeping his balance quite well! Here you see Maria playing her accordion for him while he is trying to figure out how he can go over to play it too.


3 thoughts on “The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 19

  1. Hi Hannah. These are great. Did you get any of the pics Dad and I took while you were here? Let me know and I could send if you would like me too.

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  2. I feel the same way about a king size bed. Love the space for kids but miss being close to Isaac and I need my water too 😉. (We must be sister’s ❤)

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