The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 18

We got a Tula! Hoorah for Craigslist! It still feels too fancy to wear around the house (compared to my well-worn, simple geometric print, faithful Ergo, which has suffered from too many washings recently, as well as teething). It’s definitely different in many ways from the Ergo, and I think overall, it’s the more comfortable for Baby of the two, but I haven’t used it for long enough yet to give a full review.

These succulents were barely opening when we received them in a bouquet a few weeks ago, but they’ve lasted longer than all the other flowers and are finally almost fully open. I love them!

On Saturday, Stephen pointed out that since Pentecost is the second highest Feast of the year, we should have a special meal. I made a birthday cake for the Church, and we appropriately lit the Apostles and the Blessed Virgin on fire. I was perplexed as to whether I should say “Happy Pentecost” or “Happy Birthday Church”, so I asked Stephen, and he told me to put on the introit. The Alleluia couldn’t fit and is wrapped around the side of the cake.

And Stephen set the table the night before. Hopefully soon we’ll start having a pretty table every Sunday. As it is, we rarely use our tablecloth and napkins. Little steps, though. We’ve started to have challah and wine every Sunday, so we’ll work our way up to fancy meats and desserts and table and all that. It’s hard to make space and time for a special meal when Sunday is one of the busiest days of the week for us.

John is rolling over and back all the time now, and he does it so efficiently. He always starts out on his bear and ends up in the bare floor. Here Maria decided to help him chew on his rattle (which she loves to sneak away with and carry around, sucking it like a sippy cup…her imagination is always busy these days!). He has his second tooth now, and is busy working on more.

Well. I wanted to share this sequence of photos (because aren’t they the cutest?) to show the progression of John’s glee, but they uploaded backwards. So scroll back up and look at them that way, if you please. My sister Hilary is here for a visit, and we’re trying to make every minute count! We’ve been besties for longer than I can remember, so being together is packed with conversation and music and cooking and cleaning and just being together, trying to soak each other up and catch up since the last visit.


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