The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 17

This sweet boy. He’s had a long bout of teething, and I’ve been wearing him much more than my muscles would like. He’s been such a trooper. 

On Mother’s Day, we took our supper sandwiches out and ate on the grass and then made our calls to our moms before heading back in for bed. As you can see, Maria loves to do what Daddy does. I especially love seeing her imitate him when he gets to be with us for Mass – on the kneeler, her back straight, her hands folded, her face attentive.

Pink and yellow honeysuckle on one plant! Is it normal for pink honeysuckle to be scentless? Because I find that to be so disappointing, after growing up with honeysuckle fragrance being one of the best of the summer.

Because Sister can’t stand being on the sidelines when a camera is involved…

This is what she had to get in the middle of. While Mama melts in a puddle in the distance. I have a picture somewhere of Daddy and Maria doing the same thing. And yes, John is starting to scoot a bit and experiment with positions that will propel him farther.

When Mama sets a stack of hangers next to you, grab them quickly!

Our parish’s Canterbury Festival has been postponed, but when John and I came down with colds right before it was originally scheduled, I figured I should go ahead and dress them up for a picture. Have you ever seen a cuter jester? The costumes are handmedowns, and I was so excited that John’s was so appropriate for his personality.

Hi, Mom! Sister is snuggling me again! 

Maria is the queen of mix and match. I don’t remember how old she was when she first started switching lids around on our differently colored water bottles for a laugh, but I think it was at least a year ago. She continues to be quietly amused by such practical jokes.

Pretty flowers…

Pretty leaves! And that should hold you until I have a picture of Little Man’s first tooth. It looks like his second will be in before the week is out, but I thought that two months ago about his first one!


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