The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 16

John’s been enjoying being on his tummy more recently. He can scoot if he has something to kick against, and he’s rolling over a bit more frequently (he first rolled back-to-tummy at one week old when he was having his diaper changed but was determined to be in a position for eating, but then only did so rarely until now). Because I’m used to Maria’s mobility now and he’s pretty big, I catch myself thinking that he should be sitting up, or considering the fact that he’s squirming off my lap reasonable – he just wants to get down and play, right? Nope, he’s only four months. (Bonus: I did not notice until after I took this picture that Maria’s new sandals are Seahawks colors, so I cannot take credit for that).

We planted some marigolds, and they’re sprouting! I’m disappointed that I’m not magical enough to get geraniums to grow, but marigolds are exciting, too! {Three out of five sprouts have died so far and the last two look sad. Maybe I’m just not supposed to have flowers in my kitchen.}

It snowed on my birthday! Just enough to wash the world clean on our way to start the day off right with Mass.

It’s been nice to get outside more often! One day we went out to take out garbage and recyclables, and simply didn’t come back in for a long while. Maria was happy to pick up sticks.

Maria loves to do whatever I’m doing to John, and sometimes I have to remind her that I am John’s Mama, and if she wants to do Mama things she should do them to her baby. This occasion, she requested a Moby for her baby (to match Mama), so I tied her baby on with a receiving blanket and she paced with me. Her baby fell asleep before John, so she sat and snuggled him while she waited for me.

These gorgeous roses were part of a bouquet we brought home from church. They smelled amazing, and our bedroom was laced with their perfume for days!

We acquired an old little piano, and I’ve loved having it played most every day. That’s one of the things I’ve remained homesick for since getting married, having a piano played daily in the home.

Just bein’ crazy at the store.

John loves grabbing things, and he finds his toes to be pretty handy for this purpose most of the time. (Also, the t shirt is such a big boy shirt. It looks as though he’s going to get his toy truck and head out to the sandbox. Or maybe that’s just me).

We went to the zoo with Grandpa and Grandma H, and Maria was fascinated by all the animals.

And then these guys were sitting around looking like a lot more fun than exotic plants, so I had to take a picture or ten.

Having fun with Grandpa H.

Maria got to help Grandpa and Grandma make cookies! (While I trimmed John’s nails – took me a bit to figure out what was going on back there!)

John is such a people person! He’ll often give a smile just if you look at him or make silly faces at him. He likes his down times every once in a while, but he always wants to have some familiar person close by him.

We went on a date with Daddy! And we didn’t have time to dress up, so we just grabbed hats on the way out. A little swagger never hurt anybody, right?

We drove down to Kansas for a funeral, and I sat in the back with these beauties for all but 20 minutes of the driving time. They were troopers.

I took Maria over to see the milk can cows, and she instantly clambered onto the calf.

New clothes! And warm weather means we can see those dimples elbows now. Loving all the chubby rolls!


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