The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 15

Grandpa and Grandma H brought sidewalk chalk last time they visited, and there have been many fine days recently that it has been taken outside for use!

Snuggle buddy!

We had our last snow early in Holy Week, which by the afternoon…

Looked like this! Everything is green and lush now, and even the trees have a fine mist of green on them!

John loves to watch Maria at everything. He’s so fascinated by all that she does.

We didn’t get a family picture on Easter Sunday (can anyone say #clergyfamilyproblems?), but I did get a picture of John after he amazingly slept through most of the Vigil and left me to weep to my heart’s content at the astonishing beauty that is the miracle of the Resurrection…

And one of Maria after Mass in the morning, having found an egg and extracted its contents.

So excited about these frames I found on clearance at Aldi! We needed one for John’s footprint, and I took Maria’s out of the frame it had been in so they could match and be hung (and clutter the dresser a little less). Likewise reducing clutter is the candle shelf and rosary holder that I finally hung (after we got it at the thrift store a year ago – I added the nails for hanging rosaries).

We got to have our youngest goddaughter over for her birthday (oh, and her family, too!) She wanted a rainbow cake, so I colored/flavored the layers with Koolaid, baked them one by one…

Stacked them with a double recipe of frosting…

And hurriedly slapped on some frosting while John complained that it was evening and I was still working on it…

And Maria emptied the contents of half the red food coloring bottle on herself. The lighting isn’t helpful here; it really looked like she had blood smeared on her hands and mouth, and it was darker all the way down the front of her dress and on the step stool and the cupboards. I set her in the tub and she gladly scrubbed her dress until not a bit of red remained (it took a while!)

Anyway, the cake was a hit (although Stephen made sure to inform me that he will not be requesting a rainbow cake, for which I am grateful…one is enough for a year or so).

And we had such a wonderful visit with everyone! Lots of talking and passing around the baby and eating and playing and watching Karol find all the climbable structures in the house and such. It was so lovely to see/hear the little girls all playing together. 

And to conclude, John wonders if it’s worth taking the time to do “she loves me, she loves me not…” on a dandelion (the answer is no, John). 

I made a Mass book and couldn’t choose just one picture to post, so I wrote about it here. Check out the simple pattern here.

Happy Easter, everybody! Don’t wear yourselves out celebrating – we’ve got to keep up the feasting for another 44 days or so!


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