The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 14

Finally got this one from a few weeks ago off of Stephen’s phone. John loves jokes so much. He started laughing this week, and I gladly rub his tummy with my head seven more times or waggle my tongue at him yet again for the sake of hearing that wonderful chuckle.

We had coffee the other day so that we could finish up some whipped cream, and Stephen had settled Maria with hers at the table and returned to the kitchen to collect ours when a loud cry of weeping and wailing was heard in the land. It took a little bit for us to distinguish the words “my nose!!!” It would seem that Maria was attacked by whipped cream.

GUYS. This is amazing. If you never get smelly when you sweat, skip to the next part. If you do, this might be your new favorite thing, too. I heard about The Healthy Farmgirl’s deodorant, and it sounded a bit too good to be true, but Stephen had recently been complaining about his body odor. It’s frustrating to need to apply deodorant liberally twice a day and still be unpleasantly fragrant when it’s winter and your job is mostly sedentary. So I asked him, and he said he’d be willing to try it. He’d tried natural deodorant in the past and found it worthless, so we weren’t too hopeful, and when the package arrived and I opened the containers to sniff, my heart sank. The scent was faint, far too faint to cover up anything remotely odorous. The first day Stephen tried it was a Sunday, which is naturally one of his busiest and smelliest days. I had mostly forgotten about it until we were undressing for bed, and he remarked in surprise, “I can’t smell any body odor!” I hadn’t been expecting this. I went and sniffed in his general vicinity, nothing. I stuck my nose in his armpit (you only live once, right?), and could only smell a cool scent of pine. I didn’t know that it was possible not to have body odor! I had gotten two scents (Forest Explorer and Patchouli Spice), so I took the other one and started using it. Despite all the crazy hormonal hot flashes that have kept me stinking it up for the past five months or so, it works the same way for me, too! Every few days I’ve checked in to make sure it’s still working for Stephen, just in case it wears off or something, but apparently the gentle scent is just camouflage for a workhorse of a deodorant! I think I’ve also noticed a reduction in itchiness in my armpits. It’s nice to be using something that’s not yucky for my skin and get better benefits than with commercially produced deodorant. It’s a little bit on the pricy side compared to what I’m used to paying for deodorant, but I think it’s worth it. Please, Healthy Farmgirl, never go out of business! After all, I’m going to have at least one teenage son someday…

When we went to the conservatory a year ago to escape the brown and find a splash of color (and those hyacinths!), we didn’t know we had a teensy John with us. It’s been a crazy beautiful year and we’re learning ever more to trust in God, seek his will, and delight in all his gifts (especially our children, but so many other blessings, too!)

Maria sings a story to John. 

So far, it seems as though John’s amber teething necklace has been more of a placebo than anything helpful. He’s had a pretty painful week, but he’s been a trooper. I’m coming to treasure his naps and successful bedtimes more and trying to let go of all the extra things that pile up this busiest time of the year.

So big!

Talking to Mommy. He’s turning into a chatterbox! Last night, he talked to the ceiling light all through family rosary. Such sweet sounds! And can you believe those eyes and lashes?


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