The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 13

So peaceful.

Mr Chunky fills out his clothes so well. It seems like as soon as he starts to fit a size, he fills it out, and then outgrows various articles of clothing in that size, and has a few staples that still fit him perfectly (of which this outfit is one). I guess he’s all about the capsule wardrobe trend. šŸ™‚

Why yes, I do know that I’m adorable!

A bit of his hair rubbed off, sort of like a reverse tonsure. Not completely, though. It’s interesting to note his birthmarks and remember Maria’s; she had two strawberry ones in the same places on the back of her head as his (only hers were hidden better by her bountiful hair), and the same storkbite/angelkiss right above her nose, but I don’t know if she had one on her right eye and left ear like he does. Stephen’s mom pointed out that the birthmark he has on the right side of his nose is identical to one Stephen has. Anyone else with hereditary birthmarks? I have one on my hand like my dad’s, but mine is very faint and can only be seenin certain  lights.

This is how she’s been falling asleep for her naps. I’m loving that she’s finally into stories and enjoys them being read to her, and that I can work that in fairly easily while I feed John.

John can be so sunshiny in the mornings, it’s delightful!

“Jussaminit, Mama!” Maria has been buckling herself in for months now, and believes it to be an essential part of the table liturgy, which is actually quite convenient. I don’t think she’s realized how much easier escaping would be if she didn’t buckle in (because it’s a very secure buckle, and she can’t undo it).

Goodbye snuggles with Daddy before his trip to Kansas for Clericus. (Yes, John’s look of intense concentration means that we had a diaper change directly after Daddy left).

Maria is finally all about being read to (rather than her former favorite, reading gibberish to others), and soaks up storytime during nursing and in the evenings. Her Grandpa and Grandma H visited for a week, and she delighted in the frequent storytimes.

I cannot get enough of these baby grins. He’s been a happy camper even while teething (and his first tooth is just beginning to poke through; if it makes it in as soon as it looks like it will, he’ll be three months earlier at that than his sister was).

He does have his serious times, too. Exercising can be hard work, and he makes those little arms and legs go so fast!

Grandma H made play dough for Maria, and she’s had a lot of fun playing with it and trying to think of creative things to make (or ask Mama to make).

Oh baby baby, how will I ever get dinner made with such an adorable person on the floor begging me to talk to him?

Life is exciting. Greet it enthusiastically.

And, to conclude this lengthy episode, here are a couple of funnies from Maria:

Me: “Does your bunny have a name? What’s your bunny’s name?”

She contemplated a moment, then her eyes lit up with delight at her clever solution: “Name is Bunny Huldorf! [Hilgendorf]”

She was sitting talking to Daddy on her phone (calculator), and was recounting loudly the things she’d done since he’d left five minutes before. In a hushed tone she turned to me and said, “I talking to Daddy.” She resumed her conversation and then broke off mid sentence. “I lose him!” she complained to me. Later, when on the phone again, she started making a long list of numbers (a hangover from my 2+ weeks of phone issues and giving phone numbers, serial numbers, ticket numbers, and SIM numbers to Straight Talk representatives).


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