The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 12

She wanted to wear her owl shirt so they could match.

A bit blurry, but that grin he’s giving her! He’s so fascinated by all she does.

On the left, Maria at four months. On the right, John at two months. It’s no wonder we subconsciously expect him to be capable of more things when he’s such a big guy! He catches us off guard with his flops in our arms.

Just catching their breath after a busy day.

We’re not good yet about carving out time and space for dates, so I was pretty giddy when we put Maria to bed early and had ice cream and played SkipBo while John snoozed on my lap. Just another reminder that for the most part, the fun of an activity springs from the approach we bring to it.

And then John played with Daddy while Mama puttered and prepared for bed.


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