The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 11

Just reading while Mommy nurses.

Just like Mommy, changing and dressing her baby.

Valentine’s kids, charming in red; they’re wearing finds from our thrift store outing with a friend.

Dressing up in Auntie’s things (and being outrageously cute).

Our little man is so cheery when he wakes up. 

Crazies! Maria misses Auntie Hailie and asks every day if Daddy can “Pick Auntie Hailie up at airport and bring her home.”

I think this may only be the third time this has happened. After her food fell out of her hand, I transferred her to bed, and she lifted her empty hand to her mouth and tried to chew the rest of her sandwich.

Naptime. Where John flops his head to try to stay awake and Maria scrabbles for his hand and he tries to escape and she recites random bits of prayers and Mama can’t wait for them both to fall asleep. Also, they’re so beautiful when they’re asleep. 

We found a new mixer on Craigslist, and Maria was very excited to help make bread in it.

Loving some sunshiny weather! We had a warm spell for long enough that the snow melted enough that we could go to the park! And then it got cold again. Looking forward to spring and more frequent walks.

Little man in his dapper new hat!

The smile he melts us with!

He loves to have his awake times on the floor mat, but of course he wants to have someone there to talk to him! Maria enjoys reading to him if she’s not already busy, and if I take him to feed or change him, she protests that she misses him.

How we roll these days. I’ve been so thankful for my Moby since Hailie left; John takes his naps in it, and I do my laundry and dishes and tidying and food prep, at least enough to get us by, we have storytime when he nurses, and if he has floor time, I can be busy if I’m close to him. Of course, Maria’s still not completely self-sufficient, so there are days when it seems like they both need me constantly, which is overwhelming, but we seem to be figuring things out, and I’m trying not to panic about it all too much. Life for us right now is filled both blessings and challenges, and the plate is heaped so high it seems the slightest bump would send everything flying, but we’ll get used to it. Eventually.


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