The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 10

Maria often camps out with John when he’s on the bear. Right before I took this, she announced, “Writing John’s name.”

He’s starting to smile, and we love it! He seems to do it most soon after waking in the morning.

Maria loves having another playmate to teach her new tricks! She enjoys helping Auntie Hailie with laundry every day.

Cute cute cute.

Hilary came for a weekend visit, which coincided with Stephen being out of town for an ordination, so John was the man of the house and peacefully tolerated all our crazy talking and laughing and singing and giggling and cooking and crying. It was good to have some solid sister time, the younger half of the sisters.

John seems to be trying to figure out why Mama is way over there.

Hoodie Lady

He loves his daddy. He’ll stare at Stephen whenever he’s nearby.

First time holding him on her own!

Freshly showered Baby with curly hair. 

I caught him smiling! And trying to escape his sister’s grip on his hand, as per usual.

Maria loves pretending to take “pishurs”, and is fascinated by the timer function. She’ll do it with her phone, but this time she wanted it on Mommy’s.

Hailie has been baking our bread while she’s been here, which has been such a blessing. Homemade bread is so much tastier than store bought (which we’ve always referred to as “fake bread”). I thought this slit looked like a leaf and had to take a picture.

Maria’s new fave phrase: “What happened?” She says it very clearly, and it’s delightful. She only said it about every five minutes while we were watching A Man for All Seasons on Thursday.

Carrying a little prayer book with her: “Dis Daddy’s ‘pecial boot [like book with a t]. Mia tareful with Daddy’s ‘pecial boot.”

This afternoon, I carried John in to the bedroom for a nap. I was pleased to see that Maria was already in bed, burrowing between the clean sheets, and I set John down on the bed to change his diaper. Then I heard the burrower remember, “Tate off boots. Mia need tate off boots,” and she emerged to do just that. I cringed a bit, then shrugged. The sheets still felt nice and clean, and at least she had remembered before John and I climbed in, unaware of the dangers in store for us.


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