The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 8

It’s been a long time since I posted on here, mostly due to the overwhelming nature of pregnancy, but rather than trying to fill you in on the last trimester and bring you up to date, I’ll just talk about where we are now, because otherwise I would never actually publish another post. You probably know that Baby came on Christmas Eve, and that’s enough to start with.

{Still reeling with disbelief that I. Did. It.}

{Back when he was still peeling like a cute little snake}

{Baby blue eyes}

{Baptism day}

I’m no longer keeping to the house, and it’s great to be able to go places again, but especially to Sunday Mass at St Dunstan’s and Monday Mass at the neighborhood Catholic parish, Holy Family (or Holy Fanny, as Maria innocently and affectionately calls it, where Daddy gets to sit with us and help with the kids (btw, I have to say “the kids” as much as possible, because I can’t get over the fact that we have more than one child to wrangle!) and we have the blessing of worshiping together on Stephen’s day off). Being out and about is exhausting, relearning to change diapers in public restrooms is challenging, and it’s nice to have a break and just relax after too-short cramped car feedings at the grocery store and trying to keep up with everybody’s needs at once. I’ve been blessed beyond measure with the opportunity to rest the first two weeks postpartum and get back on my feet very gradually. I’ve only just taken over the kitchen again at three weeks, as well as laundry and other general housework. 

{Snuggling my milk drunk chubba}

As difficult as it has been for me to be inactive (I lean a bit to the workaholic side of things), it has been so healing to stay in bed for so long. I had a pretty straightforward delivery, despite John’s size, with the most minor of injuries possible, so physically, I’m really feeling pretty much back to normal (or rather, on to the new normal – new stretch marks, new baby fat, new sensitive muscles and all). I’m itching to reorganize every area of my house and get out some trousers that fit me (which I’ve put off because most of them are bound to be too small) and figure out a way, somehow, to fit everything necessary into the diaper bag and finish a project or two. I have had some productive days, but then I inevitably have some low ones after them, because apparently I’m still completely sustaining a little human (who’s growing awfully fast – how is he squarely into 3-6 month clothes at 3 weeks? Pretty sure it took Maria 2 months!), and it’s still draining for me physically and emotionally. So I’m trying to lower my expectations even when I feel like doing more so that I can take better care of my family.

{Such a long baby}

After having such an easy infant stage with Maria, I figured there would be some wacky challenges this time around, but so far, there haven’t been. Breastfeeding has been even easier than with Maria, and everything else has been remarkably similar – he sleeps well, doesn’t get cranky without obvious reasons, creaks and hums in his sleep, and is just a lot of fun to hang out with. Of course, there are already notable personality differences: he doesn’t use the “hard stare” Maria was so fond of nearly as much, and he grunts emphatically and frequently (presumably to prove how manly he is?). He’s already lost his newborn look, his first layer of skin, and his super wrinkly fingers. 

{“Oh, are you sitting next to me? How nice! I like you.” “I like Baby John.”}

Maria is adapting well. She loves Baby John to pieces, but sharing Mama has been a big challenge for her at times. Out of necessity (because her chief interpreter was in bed for so long), she has been articulating a bit more, and is starting to branch out into complete sentences and pronoun experimentation (sometimes she actually uses I/me/you properly!).

{We are temporarily the cool kind of parents that cut windows in big boxes…we will see how long it takes for this box to drive us crazy with its habit of getting in the way}

Stephen has been such a great support, and despite the lack of sleep and all the extra household tasks he’s been dealing with, he’s been completely entranced by his son. Because of various stresses and a weird work schedule, he didn’t get to fall for Maria in the same way; he struggled to just keep up with everything parenting threw at him. This time, he’s taking it all in stride and dreaming with stars in his eyes of the time when we can have more. I look at this family of mine and melt into a pool of butter. I’m not sure how I got so lucky, but I surely am grateful. 

{Snuggles on the first day of Christmas}


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