The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 7

Why is it that a sleeping baby never ceases to be miraculous and such a soothing sight? I love her curls here.

24 weeks

Maria’s first signature. She loves trying to make letters. Mostly she just says she’s making “ih-igh”s and draws thick lines.

The last in a series of about two dozen pictures of Maria’s feet. I’m not sure if she realizes what she’s doing when she takes pictures, but she knows she can make a lot of noises in fast succession when she pushes that button.

Hobbit breakfast pizza – with potatoes and tomatoes and mushrooms and green onions. Once we started thinking outside the box with pizza, there’s been no stopping us. Actually, I often have to think inside the box (our CSA box), which leads to rather creative combinations.

All the pink all the time! She goes for the pink marker first whenever the box comes out.

Toddler in a basket!

Put her in the Ergo so that I could fix lunch, and she kept up a steady chatter with me until I served lunch and asked if she was ready. I was met with silence.

Getting my hands done is an excuse to not make dinner, right?

Selfie – one from a series.

I was cleaning a closet, and she found my last pair of heels…and was perpetually frustrated because they were so big they didn’t work for her. I had only been keeping them so that she could clomp around in them, so I donated them and found a smaller, more manageable pair at the thrift store.

Dancing queen!

Last year, I called this the Marigold House, and watched with wonder as the marigolds got higher each time we passed it. This year, it’s the marigold and tropical something house, I guess. The bigger plants have pretty red blooms, but the leaves are so dark and huge!

26 weeks

Snuggly siblings. Sometimes she’ll actually curl up around the baby, which is adorable, if slightly awkward. She was tuckered out here, and no amount of sibling punches and kicks would disturb her slumbers.


One thought on “The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 7

  1. Aww, she looks so much like you when she is sleeping in the ergo ❤. Baby had a growth spurt ❤. I sure love all the pictures you put up!!! Thanks ❤


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