The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 6

Every time we receive basil in our CSA box, this salad happens. This time with farm fresh tomatoes, too!

She loves to “p’ay dames”. We save practicing with rules for simple games like marbles…Rack-O is great for motor skills, though, fitting the cards in the racks!

We got pickle pebbles and pickle pipes to use for fermenting. So far, the most popular successes have been green beans and sauerkraut.

Goodnight Moon is now Maria’s nightly story. She always asks for more when it’s done.

All the sleeping postures…

Primly she brushes her hair.

She had her first encounter with bandaids recently. It took a bit of convincing, but she finally went for it.

She is the most fun to make things for. Except that she tries to make off with them when I’m not done with them, because she can’t wait to wear them. Despite the warmth, she wore this for an hour or so when I finally finished it.

Looking back to last summer on the blog, I found statements referring to hanging out the laundry as being therapeutic, and I laughed. Maria wasn’t mobile then. I don’t hang out laundry much this year (the back yard is no longer completely fenced and Maria only lasts so long before escaping looks like a fun game, so we stick to quick loads like sheets and a few longer ones when I need the sun’s help getting stains out), but even the quick way, laundry is one very long exercise in patience. Without boring you, dear reader, with the details of our disagreements while sorting loads into the basket and back into the hamper, and all the other things that detain us in getting to the door, once we exit, there are the Stairs. Stairs hold a world of opportunity. We could, of course, go down together holding hands. But then, it is also possible for us to split up and take both staircases at once, in which case, it takes a while for the decision to be made for which one each is to take. And regardless of if we take them together or apart, there are so many ways to get down. Two different railings to choose from, or one could scoot down them, or hop. And oh, Mama, I need to talk to the Baby. Let me hold on to the Baby for these steps. Then finally, we make it to the laundry room door. Maria is big enough to push it open, but Mama should not hold it as she goes through. Maria will open it again and come through after it has already been closed and surprise Mama. Now for the quarters. Despite much difficulty, frustration, and annoyance, Maria has taught herself to put all six quarters in the washer’s coin slot and all five quarters in the dryers coin tray. (I think it is because of this successful persistence that she firmly believes that someday she will open the file cabinet, even if the key does not at first appear to fit). Having done this successfully, she pushes the button and is set on the floor. But no duties in our home are pressing enough to distract from checking out the bags of water softener again (I think there are more this time, don’t you, Mama?). Oh, stomping down the echoey hall to the door! Good idea. But wait! As she stands a little too close to the door, she makes a discovery! The door stopper vibrates and makes noise! Check this out, Mama! Okay, you take those stairs, I’ll take these. Oh, wait. The other way around. Did I just hear somebody? Hi! Hi! Hi! No, I guess it wasn’t anybody. Yes, Mama, you take that basket right upstairs and come back down to get me. Mama dashes up, throws it in the door, and hastens down to find Maria frozen at the foot of the bottom flight of stairs because there, twelve feet away from her, are People, issuing from their door and about to ascend the other staircase. After a few attempts at thawing, Maria gets carried back up to our apartment.

Doing laundry is not a Chore, it’s an Adventure. Someday I might learn to take it in that spirit. Until then, I pray for patience, and am given so many beautiful opportunities to practice, practice, practice.

We had so much fun on the river this past Monday. After Maria got her “sea legs”, she was the queen of the boat, and then had a blast on the beach, where she flirted with the water and was offended when it kissed her face. We came home tired and very sandy.


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