The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 5

I often have to think outside the box when finishing up the week’s CSA veggies. Broccoli pizza (with our favorite white garlic sauce and loads of cheese) was a success. Not so much the Schezwan eggplant I tried to make.

Love that she can wear clothes I wore as a toddler.

Family park trip means Daddy gets the scary catch-the-toddler-when-she-makes-it-to-the-top-in-that-split-second-before-she-falls duty.

Some sweet person ordered me this beautiful prayer mug. I’ve been using it for tea a few times a week – makes me slow down in the mornings and relax while Maria finishes her breakfast.

Fashionista! She loves this tiny scarf I made eons ago and pairs it with everything.

I made us matching pearl necklaces, which Maria loves. One of her favorite things about getting dressed on Sunday mornings is getting to wear a “pitty” out of Mama’s jewelry box. (On a faintly related note, her word for poky is identical to her word for pretty, and wet is pronounced “why”, which led to great initial confusion).

Sunny morning faces (quite literally, hence the fierce squint!)

A seminary friend made this beautiful sweater and hat for the baby. I’m slowly working on arranging dresser space so that the baby’s things can fit in our room. It’s one of those projects that jumps ahead and then gets left for a few weeks before I come back to it.

She loves making stacks so much. Blocks, plates, cups, books, chairs, whatever she can find.

Maria loves pulling up my shirt for a chance to talk to the baby, read to the baby, kiss my belly. Then she carefully covers the bump again and gives a fierce “shhh” so that everyone will know that the baby is resting.

She’s obsessed with veiling. Hankies and receiving blankets and dish towels are collected at various times of the day to perform this service for her.

That profile! Complete with marker colors, ha.

I gave myself a blister sharpening crayons for a little project…and I almost think that the crayon shavings are prettier than the finished project.

Twenty weeks! It’s hard to believe that we’re halfway. So glad I still have half the pregnancy left in which to tackle a few more of the projects on my lengthy list.

And this is more the size the baby appears to be when I’m more relaxed. And a crazy adorable pose from Maria.


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