The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 3

Pretty wild flowers growing out by the parking lot at church

Stephen’s parents came out for a long visit at the end of last month. Maria was delighted to have a chance to sing the happy birthday song and have candles on Grandma’s cake (I said something to Stephen this morning about Maria’s upcoming birthday, and her eyes lit up – she loves cake and music!), and practiced lots of independence from Mama (alternately with realizing she’s not ready to be fully independent yet and being clingy) and did her best to wear Grandpa and Grandma out. I had to snap this shot because I love how it shows all the things they were doing together before naps became necessary.

She loves Grandpa’s hat and the peekaboo hole it has!

We went to the lake, and happened to enter the walkway near a little bit of beach. Maria had never actually been down to the lake before, so we remedied that.

I didn’t have anything suitable to dry her off with, so she wasn’t allowed to sit in the water, even though she wanted to desperately. So we took turns walking her along the edge.

And she discovered the delights of splashing with her feet, oh joy! [For those of you who receive this in email, you may have to go to the blog to watch this and the other video.]

I think somebody murdered Stephen’s ice cream bar…

Pretty lisianthus in Sunday’s flowers at church

This was my first time actually seeing a chimney swift at the artificial chimney at our park! Maria was delighted to take trips across the grass to see it.

Maria was happy to show off her skills for me. Pretty sure she can use all the equipment at that park in some way or another.

Including this. It didn’t really scare me until she got closer to the top later…by then I wasn’t taking video anymore.

I was not surprised that she fell asleep on the way home. She dropped her water bottle about halfway, but managed to retain the glasses.

And we hit 17 weeks today! Starting to find it a bit harder to squeeze through tight spots. Maria thought she was being clever and that no one noticed she was carrying around our vitamins in her fists…


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