The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 2

Helping with the cinnamon rolls. My brother Forrest’s family moved out to Wisconsin last week with the help of a couple more siblings, Fred and Hilary, and we were blessed to have them stop through Monday night. Since we all had to be on the road first thing the next morning, I boiled up three dozen eggs and baked four dozen cinnamon rolls to speed things along in the morning. Fred peeled the eggs and made lots of coffee in the morning, and we all made it out the door before the sun got too high.

I have no idea how many times we played “where did it go?” on the long drive down to Synod. I kept getting the giggles because it continued to be ridiculously hilarious to Maria, despite the fact that she nearly always hid whatever object she was using at the time under her left leg. Once in a while, if she was using a water bottle lid, it got temporarily lost for reals, and then it was up to Mama to dig around for it.

It was a pretty busy week with Synod business and traveling, but we still fit in some time for relaxing. I realized that I’ve gotten into the stress habit again, so all my to-do lists have to be colored with Do Not Stress. So far I’m doing better, listening to music and stories to help me relax, and keeping my tasks to the minimum, and making time for handwork. It’s a daily struggle, and it’s not hard for me to slip back into the patterns of anxiety.

Being the Synod Baby is an exhausting job. She almost never falls asleep without nursing, but this night, I turned on Living Room Songs by Ólafur Arnalds on my phone, and she lay down in the nest she had made and was asleep before she realized it. It was lovely to spend the rest of the evening doing handwork while Stephen wrote.

All tuckered out! She did a lot of napping on the way home.

Stylin’ her shades

Forrest and Rebekah brought a few boxes of the rest of my things from my folks’ home, and I pulled out my old doll for Maria. She has taken to it in a way she never has any other doll. She cares for it and sleeps with it and everything. It’s so sweet to watch.

Fifteen weeks and loving feeling sort of normal again! It’s still easy to overdo it, but it’s still better than it was!

More mothering sweetness. She was trying to force a pea in her baby’s mouth later that day, and asked me to nurse her, too.

And I leave you with this gem.


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