The Scrawl Vol. 2, No. 1

I’m back! I’m nearing the end of the first trimester, and am excited about slightly increased energy levels (but trying to be reasonable because, let’s face it, making three meals AND sorting and taking out garbage and recyclables AND tidying our bedroom is still enough to completely wipe me out and leave me sick and exhausted). It’s been a few weeks of trying to eat enough and rest enough despite a busy schedule and, well, life. 

We were so blessed to have Hailie visiting for a few weeks. It took a lot of stress out of life for her to be able to help with some of the cooking and cleaning and interact with Maria while I was so wiped out.

We flew out to Nevada to return Hailie and had a short but lovely visit.

We visited Ford’s grave, and while we prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Maria played with the mud created by the morning sprinklers.

We spent a few days in Arizona with the Enloes, where Maria easily fit in to a life surrounded by other girls, although there were times when the energy levels were a little too high for her.

Back home, we hunkered down while Maria cut four eye teeth and I wallowed in the nausea. 

More time in bed means more snuggles!

We haven’t gotten as much time outside as we’d like, since I’ve not been up to chasing Baby, but we’ve enjoyed the occasions out that we’ve had.

Directly after we got home, Stephen headed down to Nashotah for Homecoming and Commencement. Maria and I survived without him. Barely. Pregnancy hormones, we do not love thee. Despite the fact that it was quite late, we lay in wait for him and were rewarded with a custard sundae.

Maria has developed a new fondness for this chair. Despite the trusty stool being pressed against one kitchen cupboard or another most of the time, she will occasionally bring in her chair to stand on instead.

And yes, on her stool she can reach everything. Can’t get more banana? Grab a knife. (By the way, she’s hated bananas for as long as she’s been given them, but suddenly, she can’t get enough of them).

All dressed up for a party!

In the middle of teething/pregnancy sickness/night weaning, moments like these are balm. We have our crazy moments/days/weeks, but there’s a lot of love in this little family. A lot of days, that love is manifest mostly in labor, but that certainly doesn’t exclude affection. Love isn’t all rainbows and flowers, but it certainly knows how to delight in those things.

Maria tries out the new sling we got for the baby (she can still fit in it, too). Speaking of things for the baby, I never really “nested” while I was pregnant with Maria, but whether because we’re more settled and stable now, or because of all the extra calories I’ve been gulping down (the kids have donated all the ones they don’t want for their own respective sources of nourishment to my thighs; apparently, so they say, Chubby Thighs are In), or for some other reason, I’ve been going crazy with ideas of things I want to clean, rearrangements I want to try, projects I want to undertake, and no energy to do any of it! I’m hoping the inspiration remains when/if the energy returns.

The non-sweaty side of her head. Naps in the summer seem more precious and less comfortable all at once.

13 weeks. It was hard to choose just one picture – Maria’s expressions were hilarious.


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