The Scrawl, Vol. 1, No. 47

Teething + pregnancy sickness means that sometimes, even wearing a cape won’t fix things. (4 teeth coming in at once, yahoicks! We have had a nice long break since her last few, though). It’s been a long week with plenty of misery for both of us (and therefore for the rest of the household, too), but we’ve certainly had good times as well.

Maria loves pulling the hymnals off the shelf and asking a grownup to sing with her, and is not deterred in the least by Mommy being ridiculous and hanging out in bed.


Busy rearranging her drawers while Mama rests.

This is how Maria says her name. Give or take a few “ma”s and “vwee”s.

I’ve had a few minutes of energy most days, and I generally get over ambitious and do too much. It was fun to actually do Maria’s hair for once, though!

Bed buddies

Dapper baby

6 weeks 5 days (all this juggling of the due date messes with bump pictures!), and I’m not sure how far along Maria is, but she insists that she has a baby. 

This duck came back two or three times while we were waiting for Stephen to finish his walk around the lake. Maria wanted to chase it.


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