The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 45

We had a great trip this week. It was so great, I hardly got any pictures. Oops. On Monday morning, we attended Morning Prayer at the college, just like we did every morning for the whole school year last year (well, except for that morning that we slept forever because we’d been working so hard and long the day before bringing a sweet baby out into the light). In the afternoon, we went bowling, and Stephen and his dad left his mom and me in the gutter. We almost managed half their scores, and it was a lot of fun.  

On Tuesday, we drove down to Cleveland to visit Stephen’s grandma and his aunt’s family. (Notice Maria and Grandma H accidentally matching!)

We had planned to make it to a play date on Wednesday, but Maria and I were way too exhausted, so we spent a lovely relaxing day outside in the sunshine and inside resting. Maria had her first egg hunt (she collected all the eggs in her basket, then wanted to put them back in the carton), and cautiously investigated a worm with a young neighbor.


We had some early birthday cake for me, and Maria helped blow out the candles.

She was quite comfortable with her surroundings, which I had been nervous about, since she’s such a homebody. She loved spending so much time with Grandpa and Grandma H.

On Thursday, we said our goodbyes and headed off to Wheaton, where we got to spend the afternoon with my parents, Freeman, and Hailie, and enjoy Freeman’s organ recital. We met up for breakfast the next morning before heading home, and Maria decided that Grandpa and Grandma T are okay sorts after all. We took it easy on the way home, stopping at our favorite church supply store in Milwaukee and meeting some seminary friends for lunch. We ended up getting home quite late, because we both had sinus issues, which means we were drinking a lot of water, which means lots of pit stops. We were very glad to be home, and Maria was quite rejuvenated by rediscovering her favorite things, which gave me time to set some things in order before bed.

We got a nasty sinus cold, but Maria still managed to enjoy hanging out the wash. I caught her licking this pole…yahoicks.


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