On Birth Days Here and There

All of us
spent our earliest days shrouded in darkness,
surrounded with ruddy warmth,
our straining eyes making out the shape of our dwelling
long after our hands and feet had memorized the same.

Most of us
were welcomed into a brighter world
where we learned the faces of those who nourished our life
and snuggled in the comfort of their arms,
and this was a strange sort of universe,
but somehow not that much different,
for we were still wrapped in love.

Some of us
burst directly from that familiar dimness
into the Presence of the Source of all light
where they behold the Face of the One who gave them being.
These blaze in the brilliance of Glory,
and although it is beyond anything they ever dreamt in the warm dark,
they find themselves not in the least surprised,
for this, this
IS the fullness of all they had ever known:

All of us
begin life in the darkness,
but some of us do not see the light
until they see Light,
until they become light.


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