The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 43

Stephen had a meeting on Tuesday morning, so when Maria decided we should have tomato soup for breakfast, I went along with her plan. After all, there’s not much easier than heating up some of Trader Joe’s yummy tomato soup, toasting bread, and securely tying a bib on the baby. The multitasking genes are strong with this one – dunk and slurp at the same time? Sure!

It’s that time of year again! Or at least…it was one day this week. And then we had rain and wind and sparkling snowflakes in the air pierced with sunshine.

Maria’s new favorite: doing dishes.

It can get a little messy, but it’s worth it sometimes.

First time with two braids! They stayed in a little longer than I expected, but next time I’ll have to get her hair wet first.

Here, Mama, let me toss the salads for you. Looks like you’re giving more spinach to yourself and Daddy than to me. That’s okay, I know how to fix that.

The baby managed to sneak off with the phone, and voila, 100 new pictures in the gallery.


Maria helped quite a lot with preparing our Easter dinner, especially with the potatoes. I thought that this was fitting, as I assumed she would eat more potatoes than anything else, but lo and behold, she loves ham and chutney, too. So she feasted well.


I hadn’t made bone broth in quite a while (simply because when we do have meat, which is not very often, I generally don’t get it in a big enough portion to come with a bone), so I was excited to get some going, and it’s making the house smell amazing.


The table looked so pretty when Stephen had set it. 


I pondered on the small things of life here, but then didn’t get a picture to go with it for several days, because Maria decided that naps were out of fashion most of this week. And what a fitting day for such incarnational thoughts: today is the Solemnity of the Annunciation!

“Mom knows how to dress her baby, but not herself.” The voice next to me on the stairs pulled me out of my hurrying focus. I was texting my husband to let him know I was finally headed toward the car. It was Saturday evening, and we’d done an errand for the church, and while we were in that part of town, had grabbed a bite to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and decided we had time to stop at IKEA and pick up a few things I’d been wanting to get, and I was thrilled to find them immediately when I went in. This’ll be a breeze, I thought, relieved, because we needed to get back for Evensong. But then the lines were long. And I didn’t realize there was an express lane until too late. So 15 or many more minutes later, here I was, baby in Ergo, purchases and phone clutched in my hands, hustling down the stairs. I looked at the woman blankly, not sure what she was talking about. “It’s a cold day,” she insisted. I looked down. I was wearing a short sleeved cotton dress, not suitable for an April Minnesotan freeze. And where was my coat? And then it clicked. I had taken off my coat and set it on my chair at Andale. I had not put it back on, and the nippy weather never fazed me, because I often do such foolhardy things as forget a jacket. It was getting late, and now we would have to go all the way back to Andale to get my coat before heading to church! Bad clergy wife! Thoughtless girl! But the woman wasn’t letting this stonily silent, obviously unintelligent young pipsqueak off so easily. “Your clothes aren’t fit for this weather!” I tried to remember my manners. “I just realised I must’ve left my coat at the restaurant,” I stammered, and hurried off to find the car. Thankfully the coat was right where I left it, and we didn’t make it back too late, but even more thankfully, middle-aged women at IKEA sometimes see fit to speak their minds to twitterpated young mothers, or I would never have realised until we got home! Not that my coat is anything exciting (found at ye olde thrift store and imprinted with some nice white paint on the butt to show that I do not always watch where I sit), but it has my new winter gloves in it, so it was worth going back for!

Maria is utterly thrilled with her new cousin, Karol, and loves to see pictures of him. She gets a sugary sweet grin on and clutches the phone and croons to him and gloats over him. Her baby awareness is definitely increasing day by day. 

She had her first “spilled milk” incident this morning (I usually only give her little bits at a time in her cup; this leads to frequent refills, but no spills), and was a bit upset…until the vinegar water bottle came out to help clean up. She’s crazy about that spray bottle, and would clean with it all day if only someone would keep giving her sprays on her rag or a cleaning surface.


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