The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 42


Sautéing onions and mushrooms until kinda sorta almost caramelized and deglazing them with wine and adding them to a beef pot pie is a good idea for a Monday.

She’s been saying this for a while now, and it’s so delightful. It can apply to things she’s playing with, to helping Mommy put away the laundry, to climbing stairs, to swinging, to going to bed. Basically it’s her all purpose happy sound effect. Here she was using the playset at the chiropractor’s office, while we waited for him to tell Stephen’s back to man up and stop goofing off during stressful seasons. We went back when he moved him to the roller bed, and he turned on the other one for me! It popped the obnoxious disc that’s been driving me nuts back into place, which was a huge relief. Maria isn’t too fond of the rooms there, and I’m not sure if it’s because they’re dim, or if it’s because somebody’s doing weird things to Daddy and Mama.

Before we went to the chiropractor, we went to the bank and discovered we were too early. So over to Goodwill we went, where I found a Chris Rice cd, Maria was enthralled by a large stuffed dog and wanted to hang out with it forever, we found another summer dress for her, and then I decided to try on some dresses. I haven’t had a new Easter dress for three years, but I grew up having a new one most every year, and I hadn’t decided what I was going to wear this year. This green special occasion dress fit like a glove, and I loved it on me, but my penny pincher side reminded me that I’m trying to get rid of useless things, and when would I wear this other than Easter and Christmas? So we left it there. But I kept thinking about it. And thinking about it. And thinking about it. Like buyer’s remorse, only for a penny pincher. So we stopped the next evening, and I told Stephen I’d run in with the baby and see if it was still there and be right back out. In I went, and hunted through the tried-on rack, and then the dresses rack where I’d found it first. Not there. I could see the special occasion rack was thinner than it had been the day before, and there was a cart there heaped high with dresses. I asked a worker, and he said I could look through it, so after trying for a few minutes with the baby on my hip, I went and got a cart and set her in and the wallet and phone next to her. As I got closer to the bottom of the pile, I saw she had gotten the wallet open and was pulling cards out. I picked up the one she’d dropped, closed the wallet, and asked her not to play with them. As I neared the end of my fruitless search, another worker came up and asked what I was doing. She had set aside something in one of the carts I was rummaging through and said the former worker should not have given me permission. As I disheartenedly headed back to the doors, a new rack of special occasion dresses in an out-of-the-way place caught my eye. I trotted over, and there, sure enough, was the green dress. I grabbed it and got in line. Just for something to do while I waited, I opened my wallet and looked over my cards. My bank card was gone. Gone! I hazily remembered maybe moving it once when the baby was playing with them?  But maybe not. Back I went, retracing my steps, looking under and around racks, panic rushing through my veins. I’d never lost a card before. I headed back, picking up a scarf that matched the dress perfectly as I went. Back in the car, I looked through my wallet again. I searched the back seat. I looked through the diaper bag. My pockets. The Ergo pocket. It was only after we were home that I remembered the last time Baby had my wallet, she told me she lost something behind the cabinet in the kitchen. I had pulled it from the wall a little and found a card, but had not looked further. I went to the cabinet, eased it away from the wall, and breathed a “Thank you, Jesus!” So I didn’t have to call the bank about a lost card, AND I got a new Easter outfit for $6.73. 

Thanks in part to the generosity of my mama and in part to the support of my husband, we went to this fancy place where there were cookies and……

I got my hair cut! It’s been growing out since Stephen and I cut it when I was 36 or so weeks pregnant with Maria, and I had thought to grow it out until a similar point in the next pregnancy, but it was getting very heavy, and there’s no baby on the horizon for us yet, so we decided a haircut was in order. It’s a slight variation on the same style I’ve gotten the last three times I’ve had it cut.

I made hot cross buns for breaking the fast after the service on Good Friday (not that I was keeping the fast, but I’m sure there were people who are allowed to), and they turned out every bit as well as I dreamed they would. You should try the recipe.

Oh, look, there’s a kiddo in the car, too!

Maria loves digging in her clothes drawers and transferring everything to the laundry basket or, heaven help us, the dirty laundry hamper. She found these overalls in the bottom of the drawer and decided that was what she was going to wear.


Preparing for the Triduum. It was crazy and a ton of work and beautiful.

Our coffee grinder supervisor. She’s discovered since Christmas that it’s not just the cool uncles that make that yummy dark stuff and let her help with the noisy part.

Outtake from trying to get a good picture on Sunday – the guys were trying with varying degrees of craziness and no success whatsoever to make Maria smile, and Stephen and I were highly amused.

Happy Easter from the three of us!


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