The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 41

How lucky that I have two bandanas so we can wear matching kerchiefs!

Looking very sweet in one of her new outfits from Grandma H. She was excited to have them for a visit, and decided that it was time that she tried to say Grandma. It sounds the same as Mama, only more emphatic: “mmahmmah!”


Spinning her stacking blocks with Grandpa H.

Grandma H brought her some stickers and paper, but Maria firmly believes that stickers work best on people. She shared quite generously with all of us; here she is with Auntie Hannah.


This is what happens when I try to take a picture of her doing something special: she comes running over and hams it up for the camera.

But you’ve gotta admit it’s pretty adorable.

Almost caught her that time. She was carrying the laundry basket entirely by herself. She is growing in so many ways. She knows what playground equipment is now, and gets anxious if we walk past a yard that has a little slide or something in it, for fear we’ve missed the park. There’s a page with a park in one of her favorite books, and she’ll point to the swings and say, “Vwee, wee, weeeee!” and run for the door or get us out shoes. She occasionally asks for permission before she does something a little out of her depth, like drinking out of the water glass Mommy left on the table, or taking a little cupcake heaped high with pink frosting at coffee hour. 


We got to hang out with my brother Forrest when he had a layover on St Patrick’s day in our airport. Maria gave him this classy look all through dinner. And while I was wearing green as long as I had the Ergo on, it never crossed my mind to ensure that Maria and I were properly clad. We didn’t lose our Irish blood on account of this fluke, though.


Sleepy hands. Nothing much more soporific than a baby falling asleep in your arms.


Maria decided to do Daddy’s stretches with him…


  …and then she taught him hers.

Oh, you’re done with your skirt, Mommy? Let me try it on!

Busy bee

She loves watching trucks out the window, and these tree trimmers were pretty close!




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