The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 40

After dropping off Stephen at the airport for his trip to clericus and picking up the weekly groceries at Trader Joe’s (which we eventually got to, despite my bad advice from the back seat), we went to visit the campus of the University of St Thomas. There were a couple of gorgeous icons down in a basement chapel we discovered.

I took Maria out to the car, thinking to give her a feed and a nap, but she thought it was a better idea to check out the automatic lock button, the four-ways, the glove box, and the side mirror, which contained a peekaboo-loving baby. I can’t believe how long her hair is getting! It curls under at the ends, so I really don’t notice most of the time.

She’s so long! 

It’s so wonderful to have park weather! Open window weather! 

Maria was very excited to be getting ready to FaceTime Daddy. When we were talking to him the first night of three that he was gone, he started making a fishy face, and she grabbed the phone and started repeatedly kissing the screen where his mouth was. 💗 She talked about him quite a bit throughout the day, but she never seemed quite desolate about his absence.

We’ve made a few changes to our room these past weeks; I moved the lamp over and hid the nasty mess of cords and took out Stephen’s bedside table and gave him mine…


…and we moved in Maria’s dresser to double as my bedside table and I cleaned out all the bags of bedding in the closet and under the beds and started moving the Rubbermaid buckets in to make room in Freeman’s closet and moved the owl mobile from the center of that side of the room to the corner over the crib. It’s been a good start. However, the crib in our room has been driving Stephen nuts because it cramps passage over to his side of the bed and is not actually used for anything at this point except to collect things on it. We plan to transition Maria out of our bed in a few months, and I’ve been dreading that, because she still nurses to sleep, and I’m too big to curl up with her in the crib.

Our solution: the crib frame, which served so well for Stephen and his sister when they were babies, gets to bless another family who will use it for their baby, and the mattress sits on our floor, where it is quite easy for me to lie with my feet hanging off to put her down for naps.

Maria loves this new arrangement, and so do we. It opens up a few possibilities for improving the room for the three of us, so I hope to share more updates this spring/summer.

You really just meant to take a picture of me, right, Mom?

Whisking is her favorite kitchen activity. Well, anywhere, for that matter. Potato mashers are pretty cool, too, but not as accessible as frequently for the baby. [It freaks me out to have her sitting on the counter (even though I stand near her the whole time and she’s quite stable) and helping with cooking, but I know that the payoffs will be great – including the fact that she was actually happy while waiting for breakfast].

This batch of sourdough whole wheat bread turned out very sour because of how long I let it rise the first time. Isn’t it pretty basking in the afternoon sunlight?

Sticks, leaves, bark, and dirt/mud: Maria’s new favorite playthings. Hello, spring.

After a cranky late morning/early afternoon, a long  bout of fresh air, and Stations of the Cross and a late supper at church, Maria was unusually chipper for family rosary, and did not protest at the prospect of a few games. Then she was overcome by slumber…the first time she’s fallen asleep sitting at the table!

Making margaritas for Saturday dinner prep.


Little Miss examines Mother’s treasures.


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