The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 38

We got a new front door, which was installed twice because they had to sand down the bottom a bit. Maria was happy to supervise. And yes, it is handy to keep soy sauce and other random items from the pantry strewn about our floors. Even ask Maria.

Sour cream for lunch with a side of quesadillas. Even a bib couldn’t save her from needing a bath.

On Thursday, a friend took Maria and me thrift store shopping at her favorite haunts. I made up a list so that I wouldn’t just get more clutter for our home. I stuck to the list pretty well, but my favorite find wasn’t on it. As we pulled up to a Salvation Army, I noticed a steeple and pointed it out, saying that we love church hunting, so after we’d finished there, off we went to find the church. I expected it to be some little neighborhood parish, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the words Church of St Agnes as we drove up! St Agnes has quite a reputation in these parts, and Stephen and I have been wanting to visit it for some time, but I certainly did not expect to happen upon it that day!

Another find not on my list. This lovely Madonna and Christ Child is the perfect addition to our family prayer space.

We found an excellent compact dresser to help accommodate Freeman while he’s living with us.

Maria loved having the drawers out while I cleaned them.

See Mommy, it has a little space just my size!

Pockets are such a great redirection tool. “You’re sad because you’re not allowed to smear peanut butter all over the furniture? Life is hard. Here, have something to put in your pocket.” I found three sweet cotton dresses for Maria, since she loves dresses so much and needs some in the next size up. 


That’s my owl! Its babies are so fluffy.

She was highly amused at me pretending to talk on her phone.

You’re so hilarious, Mom, I can’t stand it!

I guess I’m gonna have to squat it. (She was doubled over with goofy giggles. I think for her, laughing with me in my pretend conversation is all a part of the game).

Saturday was gloriously warm, and we went off to a little neighborhood park. We hadn’t been to one since the cold hit, so Maria didn’t remember much what it was like, and was delighted to rediscover swings, merry-go-rounds, and very gingerly try out the slides.

I see you, Mama!



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