The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 37

On Monday, we got some work done on the car, so we hung out at a nearby coffee shop. We got a bit stir crazy, but it was nice to not have any busy work to do (although I accidentally got caffeinated coffee, so I could’ve tackled all the busy work in the kingdom!)

Stephen’s parents arrived right around the time we retrieved our car (minus the bumpy rattle, hoorah!), so they took us out to eat at Pizza Lucé. There was a pretty small baby at a table not too far from us (less than four months, I’m guessing), and after we’d eaten, when Maria was taking Grandma on a sight-seeing tour of the restaurant, they paused by the baby, who was fussy. Maria got very anxious, and cradled her arms and swayed back and forth (like she does for rockabye baby) and signed her hybrid of “help” to me, and generally was kerflummoxed, in addition to occasionally clasping her hands beneath her chin and glowing up at the baby. It was so sweet.  

Grandma H gave her a new dress (in size 3T, where did my baby go?) and she loves it! She’s all about dresses, and looks so grown up in them. 

She figured out how to manoeuvre not just one, but two of her pull toys at once!

Any clothes or shoes sitting out are fair game for playing dress up!

 Sometimes her hair insists on playing fringe over her eyes, especially when I fix her ponytail too far back. I’ve been able to avoid trimming bangs for her so far, and I’d like to wait at least a few more months. We’ll see.

She found my Aunt Anne afghan in a bag in the closet, and was Very Sad because she wanted to wear it, but it was too heavy and clumsy for her to lift. I solved the problem by draping it over her crib and setting her on top. She was quite satisfied.

She needed help climbing in because it was out in the middle of the floor, but once on, she was content to remain on her little chair and read a book for a while. Then she wanted Mama to sit in her chair, which means squat-but-don’t-put-any-weight-on-it-or-it-might-break, and was displeased when I couldn’t manage that for long. Ha.

Those chubby arms and the elbow dimples! She’s so good at playing gently and not banging. And she’d much rather be making music than eating her dinner.

She wanted to use the keys and the pedals at the same time, but soon gave up, because it was too complicated.

This babe. How many pictures do I have of her sleeping in her car seat? Probably not enough. 

And as I clock out here, our apartment is getting a new front door! We went on a walk while the guys were working on it, and when we got back, one of them noticed that Maria had fallen asleep, so as I hear the noise from the hall floating back, I hear periodical warnings of “Shhhh! The baby’s sleeping!”


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