The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 36

Hey Mama, I found some cool stuff back here.

Here, I’ll get them for you. Some screws and some plaster. Can I keep them with my toys? But why not? They’re so cool!

Grinning for the camera – and coming really close so you can see her just fine! Or maybe so she can make eyes at the baby in the camera more easily…

I sorted through baby stuff, and she rearranged all the things I had thrown on the bed to organize and repack later. She kept finding things she thought were cool that should still fit her…like these socks she outgrew a year ago. 

The world is more hilarious upside down! She’s been practicing this for a while, but I don’t think I’ve gotten a picture of it heretofore.

I pulled out my glasses and washed them and put them on for the first time in well over a year (my eyes aren’t too bad; I just have to squint a lot when I don’t wear glasses, and I’m lazy enough that fighting the baby about who gets the glasses or, further back, taking them off and washing them every time they got all tear stained during some of the darker days of postpartum just wasn’t worth it), and Maria wasn’t sure about them at first.

But then she warmed up to them, and by the end of the day, was brave enough to make a grab for them.

She got Valentine’s Day goodies from both her grandmas this week!

Since I haven’t really had much time for crocheting, I haven’t made Maria her own blanket as I would’ve liked to, not even when I was nesting before she was born! I hope that with our (God willing) future babies I can, but for now, I had my sister Hilary bring a couple I’d made a few years ago from my stash that didn’t move with me. In the past, I rarely made things other than to stock my inventory, even if they were prototypes for patterns. I tried to sell everything, but what sells the most are the patterns. I think in future, I’ll probably continue to design, but keep it give the prototypes. That’s all just in the dreaming stage for now – I’ve been busy cleaning and purging our home in preparation for my brother Freeman to move in with us at the end of the semester, which purging will hopefully simplify housework such that I will eventually have time for projects again.

Babies are so ridiculously flexible. “I want to sleep with my back to you and curl around your arm and nurse all at the same time.” Winning at toddlerhood, no?

She has figured out how to climb onto the rocking chair without any assistance, and is now queen of the world. And I can’t get over how adorable she is.

Slurping her very own drink while we wait for the car to be fixed.


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