The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 35

There’s a tickle monster on the stairs!

Nothing like tidying the toys to make them intriguing again! This was my favorite part of the Christmas stuff being put away, having space to organize Maria’s things. It’s so much easier to tidy nightly now.

I spent five minutes in the bathroom, and Maria used them to get out my pastry cloth and apply it to the hallway floor, the plastics cupboard, and the couch, as well as her own head. She had returned and wiped the floor with it before I took it from her. Sweeping it up took long enough that she had plenty of time to enjoy playing in the little patches of flour dust.


The lighting was not suitable for showing how much was on her hair and face, but it was quite a bit.

She loves being chased. It’s the only time she gets down on her hands and knees anymore, really.

I thought I’d killed this cyclamen a friend gave me, but then we had two days of sun and I pulled out all the dead bits and it looks happy again!

Finally got around to finishing this – with a purple smudge, courtesy of Maria. I tried to be fairly thorough with what I included, and most of the objects have multiple meanings. I remind myself to offer up prayer time, whether it’s peaceful or crazy (rosary), reading (book), beauty (flowers), creating as well as not being able to create (sketch pad), rest, whether I wanted it or not (bed), washing dishes as well as having to leave them or let someone else wash them (full sink), illnesses and allergies (tissue box), laundry, whether it’s folded and put away or not (laundry basket), budget, whether I get to it or not (ledger and calculator), messes (dirty diapers), music or silence (notes), designing or not being able to (yarn), time to destress (steamy shower head), treats and cravings (bowl of ice cream), a clean home or one whose mess I cannot keep up with (broom), cooking and comfort food (soup pot), nighttime, depression, and inability to discern God’s will (blackness), and time (clock). Not pictured is parental duties and decisions, joyful or uncomfortable (baby carrier). And of course all these things flow up from my hands, indicative of the fact that I seek to offer my entire life to the Divine Will.


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