The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 34


You’d better be careful where you leave your socks, they might be taken and made into soup! 

Hmm. A bit chewy yet. Let’s simmer it a bit longer. (That perfect curl of a ponytail! Eek!) 

The cuteness! Aaaaack! I perish! Okay. I’ve recovered. They’re human after all.

 She decided she likes this hat, and has been randomly putting it on. 

And trots around with it over her eyes until someone says, “Aaaaah, it’s a monster baby!” At which point she reveals herself and laughs.



She managed to get mancala down, so I supervised her while she played with them until she decided they might be fun to drop on the floor on purpose, so we tidied it up and put it away. And then the next day she figured out how to get it out of the tin by herself. One more thing to go higher up on the shelf.

I made stromboli for the parish potluck. I had onions and peppers and mushrooms to go in the sauce, and it turned out delicious. The dough turned out beautifully this time; the sourdough flavor was outstanding.

I had been wanting  cocoa all week, but Stephen has a cough, so we were limiting our sugar and dairy. On Saturday, I broke down and made a cup to share with Maria. It was worth it…although as you can see, it was a serious situation.

After choir practice, she asked to be set on the piano bench. She did very well about playing gently!

 Since it was a long day at church on Sunday AND the sun was out AND was comparatively warm, Maria and I snuck out and took a walk. It felt so good, because it’s been a long time since it was warm enough to walk with a baby.


I made my first blood donation since August. Stephen couldn’t give because of his cough, so he introduced Maria to Oreos instead. She figured out how to take them apart and scrape off the innards (and hand the blank cookie to Daddy).


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