The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 30


A week or so old, but I had access to internet to upload it. She had figured out how to do this on her own.

The headband slipped down and became a sweatband for her nap snuggled on my lap at Starbucks while Freeman and Stephen worked on their computers and Hilary, Freeman, and I played Ticket to Ride.

We went to see the cathedral in St Paul for the first time, and were  just in time for a guided tour! The chapels are all beautiful, but my favorites are the Joseph and Mary chapels, which are full of light.

One of the windows in the St Joseph chapel.


After our church tour and a stop at the church supply store (beeswax advent candles at 50% off! I’m excited about that!), we went to Chick Fil A, and since the baby was asleep, I sat with her in the car, ate my dinner, and watched everyone else through the window like a creepy stalker.

Auntie Hilary, those are cool socks! I need one.

Now…should I put it on me or on you?

Ummmm, I guess I need help putting it on.


We match!  


Blurry, but too cute not to share.

As far as I can see, the similarities end at the green grass and the angle and the cocked head and the pink dress, but it was a cute idea. Hailie, I want to see a picture of you in this dress! Get Finn to take it standing on a picnic table.

When there’s foil lying around from some stollen we snuck from the freezer for toast, this may happen. And the baby may not approve. And I may spend way too much time giggling over the resulting picture.

Maria supervises Uncle Freeman as he finds treasures under the couch. She had been helping him, but decided that since she had such an obedient minion, she may as well stand, as being on her hands and knees is beneath her most of the time now.

Backseat buddies! They spent a lot of time singing or having Strange Noises Competitions. We accidentally had Hilary for a few extra hours – security lines were so long that she made it to her gate in time to see her flight taxi off. So we brought her back home and set her to work getting ready for our gingerbread nativity decorating party.

It was a small affair, but I made sure to over prepare. There were eleven colors of frosting and numberless hosts of gingerbread men, cows, lambs, and angels, which Hilary had baked the previous afternoon. I didn’t even get around to the starry roofed crèche until much later that evening.


And I leave you with some flowers from church. I had a few thoughts to share about Maria, but I have forgotten them, so perhaps I will remember them and add them to this week’s edition.


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