The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 29


It’s so much fun too look through her new Usborne books with her, especially this one as she learns to point to different things for them to be named. I’m only allowed to give her the English names for things in case I mispronounce the German or mix her up by giving both languages at the same time, and Stephen is only allowed to give her the German names for things in case he mispronounces the English…wait…

She actually let Uncle Freddie hold her while he made coffee! Sometimes the need to supervise is even stronger than the need for Mama, apparently.

Fred and I made some candy cane cookies, which were less beautiful than they could’ve been, but fully as  tasty.

Plus you really can’t lose with a Viking ship, especially not in the Twin Cities.

It snowed! But it didn’t stick much.

Gift inspection!

They must’ve passed muster, because she started clapping.

One afternoon, I was on the toilet, checking email on my phone while Maria carefully dropped things into my trousers to see how far down they’d go, when I realized it was 3:11, so I turned on the radio online so as to pray along with the Divine Mercy Chaplet, as it’s such a gift to participate in pleading the blood of Jesus for all the various requests that are called in. I was in plenty of time, and Maria kept on with her experiments, until the host said, “We begin in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, amen.” Maria looked up at me sharply, pinched her thumb and forefinger together, and started poking at her chest, which is how she crosses herself at this point. I’m so excited that she has those words and that action linked together already!

Maria puts up her ornament

…and takes down one of Daddy’s. The non-breakable ones are closer to the bottom of the tree. 🙂

Helping Uncle Freddie fix lattés

Admiring the tree with Uncle Freeman, whom she decided she likes. She has declared uncles to be Most Useful for Stair Campaigns. As well as just generally cool for hanging out with. Sometimes.

Auntie Hilary is here! Time to open presents and play games!

Happy 3rd Day of Christmas!

We finally cut into our Christmas cake. It is every bit as delicious as it ought to be after soaking up brandy for almost two weeks.


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