The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 27

This edition is likely to be super short, seeing as it’s Friday and this is the only shareable picture I’ve taken this week. Maria has had a nasty cold all week, so when I could be taking pictures, I’ve been giving attention and cuddles or catching up on housework, and when I could be writing, I’ve been dozing to combat the physical and emotional exhaustion and feeling like a wimp compared to people with croupy babies or lots of sick children. Because I still compare myself, even though I know I shouldn’t. Working on that. Anyway. Maria has loved having extra tub time, and may even think the cold worth it for that alone.

Stephen’s family came up for an early Christmas celebration, and despite Maria not feeling too well, we all had fun with them. We played Uno and Mexican Railroad and ate too many cookies and had spaghetti by Christmas lights and candlelight, which Maria greatly approved of. Maria’s favorite Christmas present from them is her sunshine pillow, which she thinks ought to be sung about. So here is a song for you.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry {okay, you’re right, she was just playing peekaboo. Just pretend she’s crying for the sake of the song}

Sunshine on the water looks so lovely

Sunshine almost always gets me high

She loves cocoa! And you’d think Mama would know better than to give phlegm inducers like sugar and dairy to a baby with a cold…well, at least she should now, after she ended up with a premium blend of cocoa and phlegm all over Baby and herself. Bath time anyone?

I signed up to make rose rolls for coffee hour for Gaudete Sunday, and discovered I didn’t have white flour and hadn’t had a chance to get cherry pie filling. So I cooked some cranberry orange sauce and mixed up some sourdough whole wheat sweet dough, and hoped it would work. It did, so now I have a sourdough pastry recipe I like. Bring on the sourdough cinnamon rolls! Once I have more flour, that is…

I love Christmas lights. They give me the warm fuzzies. They were always my favorite part of the Christmas decor growing up, and still are. We wait until Gaudete Sunday to put up our lights around the house (how fitting this year that it’s also St Lucy’s day, as she’s the saint of light), so I’m always getting really antsy as the time draws near. It helped this year that some neighbors have lights outside that we can see from our windows. 🙂 Stephen was working late the eve of Gaudete Sunday, so I took the opportunity to put some up with the help of Maria, who insisted that they’re hot hot hot (although she quickly decided that since I was handling them, it was okay to touch them…not so much the bulbs, but the plugs). Our home is now very glowy and I am very sentimental. I realized the lights have the added benefit of being yet another way to teach Maria colors. I don’t work on that much, but I have one shirt embroidered with several colors that she likes pointing to all the colors on for me to name them.

She was swaying as we sang a couple verses from O Come, O Come Emmanuel. She loves music, and has recently discovered what the stereo, cassette tapes, and CDs are for, and frequently asks for them to be utilized, and when her desire is granted, starts dancing or holds up her arms to be danced.


This is a pretty lengthy but convicting and edifying study on hospitality on a personal, national, and global level. 


2 thoughts on “The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 27

  1. Don’t compare yourself. I feel wimpy, weepy, and thoroughly exhausted with croupy and sick kiddos. It is tough and worrying until they are about 5-6 then you feel like they will come and tell you if they need assistance. God gives the strength you need for 1 or many children. You are doing a GREAT job and I wish we could see you all and give you all big hugs and kisses ❤


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