The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 25


We flew out to Billings, MT to spend a few days with my brother Forrest and his family. The house they’re living in has some amazing views. This was the first western sunrise Maria watched.

Maria loved having people close to her size waiting on her hand and foot. Chavvah wasn’t so sure about sharing her underlings.

Mary and Maria are now great buddies.

Playing with blocks  

We got some snow on Wednesday, what a beautiful treat!  

Maria was not impressed by the movement-impeding layers we dressed her in.

What is this stuff?  

Mommy, I found the grass. But it’s covered with this weird stuff.

She was okay with the merrygoround, but only just okay.  

The swing was a different story entirely! She was too stiff and bulky with outerwear to sit properly, so we ended up having to support her head – I’m sure somebody has come up with a clumsier method for swinging, but this had to come pretty close.

She sledded down a little hill with Noelle.

She was so happy to climb the spiral staircase with Daddy!


Trying out the new coloring pencils – it was so fun to see the brunette among all those blondies.

With Anastasia and David – I think this one is really sweet.

Maria with Noelle and Anastasia

Getting ready to stoke the fire.

Chavvah being gorgeous and a little wary of me. She came over to my lap shortly after for some godmother cuddles.

I apparently didn’t get the serious expression memo. This was before Maria decided it was time to shoo Chavvah off my lap.

Pretty mama, baby, and David and Anastasia’s impressive artwork.

Man, it was so good to sit across from Forrest and Rebekah and talk about the ways God has worked in all our lives. What a blessing they have been to us throughout our relationship.

They played together a few times, but were always very wary of one another.

With our sweet youngest goddaughter

Maria had her own seat for the flight home! Her favorite part was the landing. Her face lit up with delight when we hit the tarmac and went racing down the runway.


This is my new favorite YouTube video. It’s hilarious and awesome on so many levels. And it goes through my head like crazy…but there are so many worse things that could go through my head.


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