The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 22

Little busy hands resting for once. She’s such a problem solver with these hands. She reaches for things, figures out how to take them apart and maybe even put them back together, carries things, says things, climbs things…

For some reason, it is a great triumph for her when she can reach this.

This is her Serious Explanatory Face. You can be sure she’s giving detailed instructions in her own language. It’s best to follow them, even if you don’t really know what they are.

How to style the Ergo, baby edition. This handy accessory can be worn at the waist or ankles, as desired.

If you wear it at the waist, you can see your baby. If you wear it at the ankles, you don’t have as good of a chance of being able to see your baby when you want to.

In conclusion, the Ergo is a great help for keeping your baby with you when you need your hands for other things like climbing chairs to watch out the window for trucks.

Quick coffee date with my husband means you get a movie this weekend. You’re welcome. 🙂

There was a lovely tea hosted by the ladies of our church on Saturday. Maria was happy to wear her party dress and even more happy for cuddles and sleep.

On Sunday, Maria reached for my headband pictured here, so I leant down so she could touch it. She felt it, then pulled her hand away. “Hot hot hot!” she warned me. So I guess hot has more meanings than I previously thought.

On Sunday, Stephen was officially installed as rector of the Anglican Church of St Dunstan. We were so blessed to spend the weekend with our bishop, and to hear his words of exhortation to pastors and the flock. What a great blessing and burden it is to serve in this way! Thanks to a parishioner for this lovely photo!


We finished reading Father Elijah on Tuesday. It was epic. And apocalypses are intense! I’m ready for a little sunshine and roses…I mean, catching up on housework. I was greatly inspired and challenged by this book, I think mostly so by the focus on being living witnesses to the power of the Gospel. Of how many of us could it be said that if our place of work or our home was bugged, the eavesdropper(s) would be convinced of the love we have for God and our neighbor? The sequel came in the mail this week, and we’re looking forward to diving in soon, when our schedule can handle it.

Looking for a good man? Look no further. This piece challenges to look beyond our culture’s requirements for romance to a daily, practical sort of love life.

I loved the way this article talks about the deeper levels of empathy you will be capable of when you accept your own grief.

And speaking of grief, this encouragement to weep as Jesus and his first disciple did is absolutely beautiful.


If you click on any of my Amazon links and purchase anything on their site, I will get a teensy bit of the total at no extra cost to you. Please bear with me as I try to find a good balance in incorporating this new feature.


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