The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 21

On Thursday, we wore orange in honor of Kalkidan, a spicy, vibrant girl who would’ve been celebrating her birthday today. Please pray for her family as they continue to grieve and adjust.

She found this picture of her Uncle Ford and was carrying it everywhere. Way to make your mama cry, sweet girl.

Watching out the window for trucks while Mama bustles about the kitchen? Yes, please.

Oh, you have a measuring cup that needs licked out? I can do that for you!

I made mini cheesecakes early and froze them to sell in the culinary corner at the parish’s Annual English Tea next weekend. They were perhaps a little too easy…the temptation to make them more often will be strong. Certainly, though, a good way to make a more reasonable amount of cheesecake for a tiny family!

We’ve been having veggie pizza more frequently lately. I found an easy delicious creamy garlic sauce recipe, and it pairs well with all sorts of delightful vegetables. This time it was spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions with goat cheese instead of mozzarella. So yummy! I tend to make pizza on bread making days so that I don’t have to mix up extra dough. 

Maria decided that we should explore the choir loft before the early service on Sunday.

“Bye-bye, Mommy! I’m going to work!” She’s getting to the stage where she’s a lot more capable of toting things around with her, and she loves it. Of course, she can’t walk more than a step or two carrying stuff, but she’s figured out a crawl/scoot combination that works.

This was Maria’s favorite part of the walk. Okay, maybe her favorite part of the walk was when we did 1..2..3..airborne! with her. This was Mama’s favorite part of the walk. 

I really identified with this post. I, too, want to do all the things, and continuously try to convince myself that it’s reasonable to expect that I can breastfeed, cook each of our meals from scratch, bake our own bread, do all the laundry, keep the house tidied, go to church once a day, be encouraging and supportive to my husband and daughter, and have time to read, write, design, crochet, and draw. Ha.

Loved these insights on marriage and the warning against looking back and focusing on fear and sin. So good.

I popped on Pinterest to find a recipe, and found a friend had pinned this list of stretches that help with neck and shoulder strain (specifically for breastfeeding, but I found that some of these helped me years ago). Hoping to be a little more faithful about stretching regularly – chronic neck and shoulder pain is not fun.


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