The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 20

Who needs a security blanket when you can have a water bottle?

This kid is learning so much. She accidentally took her first unassisted step on Monday, properly used the ASL sign for “more” on Tuesday, folded her hands for prayer without ever having been promoted to do so on Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure she got a zipper open on Thursday, and then two more unassisted steps on Friday. She has started hiding potatoes and blocks in my shoes. Putting things away is starting to get a little exciting. She had pretty much stopped saying Mama in favor of roaring or Dada or roaring or babbling or roaring, so we’ve been working on gracious, attentive, clear communication again. It’s amazing how much ground can be lost with just a few weeks of laxity, and how ready and eager she is to use the tools we give her, whether in the form of words or signs. I had showed her the sign for milk in one instance, one night at bedtime, and the next morning she used it when she wanted to stop playing and climb back into bed for a feed and a snuggle. Airplanes are her new favorite. We introduced her to paper airplanes, but she loves that anything can become an airplane in my hands.

She was grinning because I told her the card said, “We love you!”

I washed off a few mushrooms for pizza, set the remainder on the counter or in the fridge, and when I turned from rolling out the crust, the box was on the floor, she had a couple mushrooms in her hand, and most of the rest had been tasted.

Crazy mushroom lover.

She’s so much fun when she just wakes up from a long nap. She indulges in this sage jollity that involves many strange words and serious head nods. And then you get the utter crazy like this.

Some days, you have to walk even if it’s drizzling. And Maria was distracted by an airplane, I think. Have I mentioned that she likes those?

We’re past peak for the leaves, but on rainy days, the colors still pop.

This is a motherly tree. It welcomes you under and into its shade.

I love you, people, it says. Here, have my leaves.

Why, thanks!

Don’t mind if I do!

She’s finally starting to get into food. And not just to destroy it, either. She ate a whole quarter of a waffle for breakfast one morning! Of course, she would have nothing to do with waffles the next day, but it’s fun to watch the first signs of a new stage, anyway. 

When naptime is my writing/reading/praying time, I often forget how delightful baby watching can be. She flashed a sleepy smile right before I took this picture.

Eyelashes and curls

This is her happy walk dance. She doesn’t understand why it slows Mama down so much.

She loves being out of doors. 

Look! it’s a heart tree!

She loves the flaming purse so much. Her constant desire for it + having only had one nap + nasty teething pain = a very sad evensong.


This was one of the flowers in the altar bouquets this week. I have no idea what it is, but the picture turned out well.

We made apple pie together on Sunday. I was corny and made the heart out of two twos, so Stephen told me to put a cross on the top to make it into the Sacred Heart. It was delicious. Coconut oil in pie crust makes it so much more flavorful than vegetable oil!


We’ve been married for two years. That’s more than three fourths of the time we’ve known each other. It won’t be long until that fraction is so ridiculous we may as well just say we’ve been married as long as we’ve known each other. Not that those months before marriage weren’t important, but we’ve just had more time to learn more things after getting married. I’ve written about a few of them here.

Been looking for a granola bar recipe? I wrote this up just for you.

This was amazing. The cup we are called to drink is a hard one and a glorious one.

I love this quote: “I don’t really even like to use the term “mental illness” to describe depression and anxiety because there’s a definite physicality to them, for one, and because there is a sort of “less than” stigma attached to suffering an illness that is mental in origin. If you could only calm down. If you could only snap out of it. If you could only, you know, heal yourself.” Definitely going to check out this book! I know I could use some more calm in my life.

I found this fascinating! I would be interested to know how accurate those numbers are about lactose intolerance. Regardless, there are some excellent points in this article.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that our personality makes us fit for different jobs than others. As glamorous as it often seems to me to be a rollicking jolly hostess, I’m much more suited to making sure everyone’s plates are full and the next course is ready to go (which gets interesting when Baby needs all my attention). Anyway. This one is for all of you that have at some time or another wished to be like Chesterton and really can’t.


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