The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 17


This girl. She’s hitting so many milestones. She loves playing games, and has started initiating them. Chase Me, Peek-A-Boo, and Put and Take are her favorites right now.

She decided that socks and shoes are not acceptable, after all, so it’s a job keeping her warm enough outside in the beautiful, chilly autumnal weather we’ve been blessed with. I had gotten into the habit during the summer of only putting a shirt on her and adding more clothes if we had to leave the apartment, but that doesn’t work anymore. It’s long sleeves, long trousers every day for this bambina. And as for me…well, if I think about it, I put socks on. Maybe once a week.


She’s standing alone a lot more, and loves going “1…2…3…AIRBORNE!” with Daddy and Mama, and will sometimes take a few steps between to rush into the next jump.

Who, me? (Really, this is her sunshine glare face, I just thought it was humorous).

I gave her a couple of real baths (we’ve stuck to spit baths heretofore) this week when she was pretty congested, and she thought it was the Best Thing Ever. Seeing as she spends a small percentage of her free time sneaking over to the tub and trying to climb in anyway, I’m afraid this has increased the hazard. She’s getting so tall, it won’t be long until she can make it over the edge.

Meet our Lid Sheriff. If you take a lid off something, it is her Duty to put it back on. And take it back off. And put it back on. And express her disturbance of it actually goes on all the way.

Daddy’s cologne is awesome because the lid isn’t a twist lid, so she can put it on all the way, and it still will come off easily!

Some nights, it’s late and we hang out with people and talk and talk and talk. And the baby gets tired and crazy and goofy.

But this is not silly. No. Licking plates is Very Serious Work, as Maria has learned well from Daddy.


This is definitely not my favorite of theirs, but I did really enjoy hearing a new song from The Piano Guys! Makes me realize that sometimes I do miss listening to things on Spotify (I stopped because Spotify mobile works like a radio, and also uses up a lot of data). For the most part, though, I’m happy with our local classical radio and our cd collection.

I enjoyed these notes on living into the sacraments. We recently got a holy water font that we put up near our door, and when we leave or return (not every time, because I like to go straight from one task to another without any pauses…working on that), I make the sign of the cross on Maria’s forehead, or help her do it herself, and tell her, “You were baptized in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, amen.” It’s as much a reminder for me as for her. It’s all too easy to forget that children in our care are our brothers and sisters in Christ.

This encouragement to center our lives on the forgiveness of Christ to increase our humility was pretty good.

As a mother of one, I often am annoyed at myself that I don’t do more. I see the things that I do for our family, and I see the things that I could do for our family if I slept less, snuggled less, exercised less, wasted time on social media less, and I think that what I do is not enough. It is good to be reminded that my duties that I fulfill are big, and that I do enough.

And oh man, this post. It’s so easy for me to get stuck on Facebook while nursing a sleeping baby, and when that happens, I end up feeling lonely and blue. Using that time for prayer and reading or tasks online (like writing a blog post, ordering vitamins, or finding a cool new recipe to try and writing out a grocery list) is so much better for me. If I stay on top of my work (and the baby sticks to a predictable nap schedule), I sometimes have time to call and talk to someone while working with the baby around the house. Which is way more awesome than making all the little red flags on Facebook  disappear. 

I am so incredibly blessed to have been raised in a family that worked, played, talked, and prayed together, and therefore love one another all the more because of that. Creating a family culture that holds such priorities is not an easy task. Thank you, Daddy and Mama!


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