The Scrawl Vol 1., No. 15

When we’ve gone to take care of business at State Farm, we’ve noticed a little European Delicacies shop nearby, so Wednesday, after we went in to finalize our life insurance paperwork, we popped in to cheer ourselves up. After all, life insurance is pretty depressing. You hope for the lesser of two evils, that you pour money into a drain, rather than that one of you dies, and the other actually needs the amount of money, that could never be worth a human life if it were a trillion times more, just to start picking up the threads of life and try weaving them back together to make a somewhat stable nest for the kids.

So anyway. These folks had lots of cool stuff. And pretty handwriting.

I was going to get what looked like a hearty wheat cereal we had growing up that I can’t even remember the name of now [now I remember, Zoom]. but there were no words in English on the packaging, so I chickened out and got chilly sauce instead.

I served it warm, not chilly. And it was a hit. I have a spice-loving family.


Coloring time with Mama


Which means Mama can devote a little time to her own artistic aspirations. 


The smug look that means “I tricked Mama into hanging out and doing nothing but watch me while I Do Great Things!”


Uuuunh! I can’t quite reach!


Got it! But it’s not doing anything!


Bwahahaha! I will steal Mama’s phone. [Daddy’s phone rang shortly thereafter, and when he answered it, up went Mama’s phone to Maria’s ear, ready to help Daddy out with any business he needs assistance in].


We’re still discovering good walking routes around here, feeling settled enough to get a bit more adventurous. This cottonwood made me feel a little homesick. The dirty little pond did not.


The pasted-on determined smile


And the hammy one.


We’re starting to get some fall color! Every time Maria and I go out to hang the laundry on the line, Maria starts a new leaf collection in the laundry basket. Sometimes it’s a leaf and dirt collection, but thankfully not often, since we have to pay to use the washer.

After a bit of coffee hour on Sundays, Maria and I sneak off for her to nap and me to recharge. Then she awakes and the crazy begins again! Her favorite game right now is Can a Parent Catch Maria in Time Before She Hurts Herself or Something Else? We played this game for hours this Sunday, and Maria thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

My sister is now a Jamberry Nails consultant! Help her out by liking her page, please!

Such an amazing tale of love. I want to read the book and be inspired more (okay, yeah, and cry more, too. That’s kind of inevitable).

I need to remember this. Are you tired of hearing it repeated in so many different ways? I’m mostly just tired of needing to be reminded. (P.S. Sorry if it got that song in your head).

Do you participate in filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child? I found this list of good and not-so-good things to send really helpful, because there are some things there I’d never thought to think through (like stuffed animals, etc).


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