The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 13

After finally using a phone properly (not for FaceTime), everything is suddenly a phone. Essential oils, spice jars, prayer cards, shaped blocks, her hands…they’re all just something for her to hold to her face and babble at.

Oh, baby babble. And a creepy mama cackle. And after a message about data usage, I think we may only do a video on the blog once a month or so, at least until I figure out if that’s what’s eating up my high speed data.

And that chubbers! Can you believe she still eats less than a tablespoon of table food a day (of her own choice)? She’s certainly a healthy kiddo. We’re so blessed.

Bad lighting, grainy picture, happy girls after a nap and a cuddle and supper.

Pleased as punch to have snagged Daddy before he went into the sanctuary. And glowing because he was singing to her.


Mommy, Daddy’s not letting me in!

Daddy, Daddy, pick me up! I really really need to help you swing the shiny thing around!

We’ve had enough late nights/early mornings recently that we’ve just been exhausted. As I lay in bed the other night, listening to the peaceful, even breathing of my husband and baby, willing sleep to come to me, too, I composed in my head the following letter to the Dear Aunt Millie column of some newspaper:

Dear Aunt Millie,

I’m afraid my husband has some terrible terminal illness. Every evening, no matter how late we stay up, he keeps busy talking and writing and thinking busy thoughts, but the instant he crawls into bed, his speech slows, his thoughts become difficult to follow, and I can barely hear him mumble out his prayers before he begins to snore. Like any normal person, when I go to bed, I want to talk over the day, snuggle, and maybe even share a goodnight kiss, and as the slow paralysis creeps over my husband’s features, I’m filled with terror that this paralysis will gradually grow until he can no longer function during the day, or, even worse, our children will inherit this deadly malady and grow up thinking that beds are just for sleeping in! Help me!


A concerned wife and mother


If you’re single and struggling, watch this. If you’re married and struggling, watch this. Hint: Jesus is the answer. 🙂

Looking for affordable, tangible ways you can help refugees who are stuck with only the clothes on their backs and no way to care for their families? Look no further. Kos Kindness is on the ground in Kos, Greece, distributing all they can directly to these people who desperately need our help. Every little bit counts. If you could give up a dinner or a coffee out or a few to ensure that one child would sleep in a sleeping bag rather than on the rocky ground, wouldn’t it be worth it?


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