The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 11

Mommy went through her hair things!

While Maria enjoyed crazy Daddy time, I pulled all but the things I absolutely need out of my bedside table and put most of Maria’s toys in instead. This now not only means there’s a tidy place for her toys, it also means we won’t always be stepping on necklaces and bracelets she’s decorated the floor with. Yay!

Since we had brats, there was Dijon mustard on the table. After Stephen gave Maria a taste, she made a miserable face, and then asked for more…probably because it made Daddy laugh so hard. By the time I got the camera, her grimaces were much milder.


Maria figured out how to open the China/ceramics/drinks cabinet, as well as how to take off any rubber bands that might hold the doors closed. I guess it’s time for me to try to reposition the door so that the lock will work properly.

Maria loved having Daddy for the first part of our sunshiny walk (hooray for it being just warm instead of blistering on the afternoon for a few days this week!) and was glad to have Mama and a feed for the second half. It was her nap time, after all.

On Saturday, Maria and I attended a wonderful Blessed Brunch hosted by Nell. The food was amazing and the fellowship even better. Maria was kind of “noised out” afterwards, so we sat in the front yard to wait for Stephen to come pick us up (because yes, I’m too much of a wimp to drive to St Paul yet).

Beware the stick warrior! Rawrrrr!

Don’t you just melt?

A little anxious about the wind.

Trying to get into the cupboard. She’s been so worn out by teething that the slightest things make her cranky. She got so frustrated on Friday that she couldn’t pull the lining out of my jeans pocket that she burst into tears. Her fifth tooth poked through on Saturday, but the sixth is still working on it.

On Sunday, we finally had our apartment blessed! What a joy to be able to gather with friends and “clean house”!

Maria didn’t mind being reintroduced to socks because the house is less than 60*F, but this is what she has to say about standing with shoes on.

Sleepy peanut butter girl

I leave you with this look. Have a good week, y’all!


This. Because the desire to do things greater than the tasks assigned to us haunts every one of us.

And this, because as Stephen says, it is the sort of thing that ought to be preached at every wedding.

And this, because I’m pretty sure we’re not the only parents/caregivers that need this reminder that what we’re doing really does count.


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