The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 6

Since Wednesday was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A, I trimmed and basted rags to Maria’s blouse and my trousers, tied shoelaces together for tails, and whipped up a nose for Stephen. Not bad for a couple of hours’ work.

 My obliging guinea pigs
So yeah. My patches were wrinkly and not as cute as Maria’s.

Happy with her spoils.

Somebody loves guacamole!

I snapped pictures of some flowers at church Before the rain beat them down on Wednesday. It wasn’t an unusually heavy rain, but we were out doing errands when it came, and our umbrella was at home in the hall closet. I was soaked the instant I stepped out of the car. Thankfully Maria didn’t have to share in that adventure! She stayed out in the car with Daddy and sang the song of Maternal Desertion.

We had to get a bookcase at IKEA, so we popped over (more like trudged over – it was a bit of a walk) to the Mall of America. It was overwhelming, to say the least. We walked around the first floor, and were amazed at All the Things. 

Hannah: “That [children’s store] looks classy.”

Stephen: “It looks expensive, too.”

H: “Well, yeah. Didn’t you know that Classy and Expensive belong together?”

S: “Of course! After all, you’re talking to the Definition of Classy.”


  I caught her gnawing on this. Come on, tooth #4!

  During the Bible study, we had a quiet playtime, which we both needed. She loves the boards and hoops and books downstairs at church! 

Her “coming to get the camera” face

She loves her new panties so much that she fell asleep clutching a pair. Also, sleepy snuggles are the best medicine for feeling crummy. If only they could last longer and the house run itself…

We had a big storm Friday night. It was quite the light show And the wind was crazy. Thankfully this was the only damage in our complex (and it wasn’t on the other side of the tree!), but we saw lots of damage on the way to church Saturday morning. And summer is definitely here, by the way. It feels like Florida. At least, I’ve never been to Florida, but I’m pretty sure this is what Florida is like, because I stepped outside, and it was like walking into the bathroom when my husband is transforming himself into a lobster in the shower and has forgotten to turn on the exhaust fan, plus sun. I don’t entirely approve. But then, I was able to catch up and do three loads of laundry because they dried so fast, so that was a huge plus.


With the continued teething comes snuggles, nursing, and misery. Poor babe.


When Maria wakes up, she has a short checklist that Must Be Completed. It looks like this:

1. Go potty.

2. Find Daddy and give him snuggles.

Once these things are accomplished, all is right with the world.

Please read this. It is definitely the best response to an abortionist I have ever read, and I hope to see a lot more of this grace from Christians.

And this. Being pro-life may begin with recognizing abortion as murder, but it most certainly does not end there.

This made me cry. In a good way.


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