The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 5

  Stephen’s parents came for a visit this week. Maria was a little wary at first, but then rewarded their patience by playing happily with them. We went to Lake Calhoun, and she was delighted to swing with Grandpa and Grandma H while Daddy and Mama took a baby-free walk.
We visited Como Park Zoo! We’ll definitely be back to look at the conservatory. It was so sad what cramped quarters some of the animals were in. As a culture, we either spoil animals or abuse them. Either way, it’s not good stewardship.

Worn out by all the wandering, watching animals, and meeting new people. She even rode on the carousel…she was non-plussed about all but the music, which she hummed along with.

We sorted through some new hand me downs together. Maria’s favorite part was emptying the drawers.

She is big enough to sit on the children’s toilet seat by herself, but not without supervision, of course. 🙂 Toilet training a baby is something I never thought I’d invest the time in – surely it’s too much work! Well, it is a lot of work, but for our family, it’s worth it. When we’re consistent with her, there is a noticeable improvement in her levels of trust and contentedness. On the days when I’m not on it, she’s fussy and clingy, spending lots of time snuggling, but never seeming to benefit from it. And, of course, cutting back on laundry and especially on rinsing poopy diapers is a huge win. If you told me, even after we started this adventure, even a few days ago, that Maria would stay dry for 12 hours in a row before she was 9 months, I would have laughed. Which is probably why I laughed when she did. People are amazing, and it seems small ones take their job of reminding us of this fact very seriously.

Friday and Saturday were awful days for teething. So grateful for the relief she gets from sleep!

It’s hard to believe she was ever small enough to fit inside me! Also, where did those 18 months go? It seems only last week that I was writing down all my first pregnancy symptoms!

A bonus – because I really really like this dress. Do they make it in my size?

And, because I actually did some reading this week (gasp!), here’s some things I thought worthy of sharing:

When your work is invisible  

 I love the plain common sense of  this approach

Mommies, your milk-soaked blouse is an attractive uniform


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