The Scrawl Vol. 1, No. 4 (08/07/15)

  We finally bit the bullet and got our MN driver licenses! I think Maria was the most patient of the three of us. And I’m still smug about the fact that even with all my anxiety, I got fewer questions wrong on the written test than Stephen did.
  Check out her new hairstyle!

  Mulberry dutchies. Pretty and delish. Also, mulberries make great sauce for ice cream. In case you were wondering. 

 Bacon grease. So good in potatoes, cornbread, mayonnaise, and try frying your pinto beans in it. You’ll never want to go back. Unless you’re Hailie. Don’t look, Hailie. We’ve been trying to cut back on waste (for instance, no more big Costco bags of onions and garlic! Even we can’t get through them fast enough), so I’ve been trying to find a way to cool and drain cooked bacon that doesn’t involve throwing away a grease soaked paper towel. Just setting it on a plate meant I had to scrape the grease off each individual piece, and when it’s been chopped up for salad or pizza, that takes a while. On Thursday, I had the brilliant idea to dump it in my mesh strainer. There’s the grease, right in the bowl ready for me to mash potatoes!

 Somebody figured out how to get into Mommy’s nightstand!

We got a parcel of treasures from New Zealand!

Maria and I were accidentally red, white, and blue for the fourth.


My pretty new lights – now that we have our own home, it’s a bit of a trial to not buy All The Things at World Market.

We spent an unexpected Sunday at home when Stephen strained a muscle in his back. Our misery was magnified by Maria’s fourth tooth, which is still fighting its way through. We’re happy to have been to the chiropractor, and today hasn’t been quite so bad for Baby.

Maria is over the moon that we finally got her a laminated prayer card at St Patrick’s Guild. She also loved looking at all the medals and opening their drawers.


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