The Scrawl (06.29.15) Vol. 1, No. 3

Friends, pray for the Qualls family. The death of a family member is a pain that never goes away, but to have two children die within six months is such a level of grief as I cannot imagine. God have mercy.

imagejpeg_2 (2)

Mulberries near the church

imagejpeg_2 (1)

On Monday evening, we picnicked at a lake, walked around it in the glorious caressing (perhaps massaging would be a better term, but even though it was strong, it was very soft) wind and the sun and shadows of a summer’s ending day, and trundled home to cut into our cheesecake (which we’d made for Father’s Day on Father’s Day, so of course couldn’t eat it just then) and watch the animated Robin Hood. Even though we made just a two thirds recipe, it was way too much cheesecake for us, so we brought some to Bible study, where everyone was obliging and helped us eat it.


Maria loves exploring our home over and over again, but the place she loves best is the fridge. Naturally, this is rather unfortunate, seeing as in the time it takes a grownup to open the fridge and a baby to crawl to it and find one particular choice item said baby would like to look at, taste, or perhaps even remove, the grownup is done in the fridge and wishes to close it, so as to conserve electricity. Maria feels gypped by this religious efficiency.


Maria got her third tooth through this week (top front left)! The one next to it is still working on pushing through, so that means a bit of crankiness must be endured, poor dear. She handles it quite well, though, and has been much happier since the appearance of her new sharpie. As long as we don’t enter any dim, air-conditioned buildings. Those, apparently, are terrifying.


Sitting on the counter while Mommy fixes dinner and gnawing on some garlic.


I made a startling amount of progress in Spare Oom this week, such that the only boxes left in there are the pictures that still need to be put up and books and things we don’t have a shelf for yet. After weeks of feeling like I would Never Ever Have Time to Get to It, this was a huge encouragement…and then afterwards I felt like I’d used up a month’s worth of motivation. Oh well.  Tidying Spare Oom means the children’s table and chair are now out in the living room, which Maria loves.


Maria has really come into her own as far as crawling is concerned. The tops of her feet are as dirty as the bottoms. Need I say more?


After getting a sourdough starter going and having to throw it out because it turned nasty (waaah!), my second attempt appears to be successful, and I’m very excited to be mixing my first batch of bread from it tonight! Yippidee!


Excuse my foodie pictures.


“Tonight’s dinner is an exercise in frugality” – that doesn’t sound at all like a threat, does it? Busy as we’ve been, quick and easy dinners have been the order of the day. Thankfully it’s a good season for salads, because I think we’ll be thriving on them for a few more months – salads and stir fry and eggs and maybe a casserole or so thrown in there.


Her favorite thing about the radio?  Sometimes it makes Daddy or Mama dance with her.



Thanks to the tip of a parishioner who was performing with the pops orchestra last night, we went down to Como Park, hung out with the baby, ate some supper, and listened to a lot of fun tunes.  The setting was really lovely – we were right on a lake, which was surrounded with trees.


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