The Scrawl (06.22.15) Vol. I, No. 2

Well.  The computer just dumped my post, so you’ll be getting a grumpy update without any pictures.

Okay, just kidding.  Here’s a picture.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Hanging out the wash is probably the most therapeutic thing I get to do all day, every day.  Settling in and establishing good habits and caring for Baby and cooking and cleaning and going to church twice a day are overwhelming when all combined.  I. don’t. take. breaks.  Which typically means that I’m a frazzled, crazy person.  I go to bed and cry because I don’t get to do projects.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew I would be giving them up for a time when Baby came along, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, and I truly do love my job.  But it’s overwhelming.  So hanging out the wash is a good chance for me to soak up the vitamin D, to leave the messy home, and to do something that demands to be done slowly without an ounce of guilt.  Actually, it makes me feel pretty righteous, because I save $1.25 a load.  What’s not to love?  Well, maybe stiff towels and jeans.  I’m getting used to that, though.  And perhaps for the first time in my life, you may hear me grumble just a bit when it rains.

Okay.  I know what you REALLY want.


As I said, we’ve been at church twice daily.  Maria likes to climb on the pillars that are just the right height for her to see everything that’s going on.


Sometimes this happens, though.


Her first French braid.  I was surprised it didn’t instantly tumble back out into curls!  I guess the sweat helps, though.  Surprise, surprise.  Did I ever mention that the Midwest has this thing called humidity?  It gets old fast.


She likes to climb up the steps to the communion rail when I’m marking the lessons in the Bible.  Sometimes there’s enough time to climb through the communion rail and all the way to the sanctus bells before Mommy catches her…


And of course there’s the times she wants to have a diaper change and go potty in the toilet and see the baby in the mirror.


And then there’s all the time she spends just being cute.

And in case you’re wondering if we ever say anything quotable, here’s a new-baby-brain-induced grin for you:

“Could you get the phone for me? I need to turn off the volume in case you need to get ahold of me when you’re gone.”


Last week at the library while I was writing, she discovered all the cool toys.  Her absolute favorites are the little wooden fruits and veggies that stick together with velcro, especially the eggplant.  Unfortunately, as well as plenty of toys and books, there are lots of things to hurt herself on.  So “new blog post” time turns into “how fast can you type a sentence before the baby hurts herself again” time.  This is not exclusive to the library, however.  One of the most repeated conversations in our home goes something like this: “Honey, be careful!” *bonk* … *waaaah!!* “Okay, let’s find the arnica.”


We took a walk on the lovely 2.75 mile trail around Lake Calhoun.  Since we really haven’t had a chance for decently longish walks (i.e. more than just around a couple blocks), it was most refreshing.  Plus there was a cool breeze over the lake, and most of the walk was shaded.


And we got to see the monster.  Need I say more?


Overnight this week, she started crawling EVERYWHERE.  Her faves so far are Mama, the bookshelves, Mama, the dishwasher, Mama, the fridge, and oh, did I mention, Mama?  I’ve focused more on listening and interpreting her clues quickly over the past week, and it has really paid off; she’s been far less clingy and fussy, and has had longer playtimes while Mama works nearby.

Another favorite thing she’s been doing this week?  Grabbing Mama’s toothbrush and pulling it to her own mouth.

And one more picture to cap it off:


Her favorite book right now.  Well, rightly so, as she’s reaping the rewards from it, as are we!  Plus.  Chubby hot baby.


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