The Scrawl (06.15.15) Vol. I, No. 1

We’ve had a busy week!  Apparently we made it back from Synod safe and sound. Last Sunday night, I finished assembling our cabinet, so on Monday, we put it in the kitchen and put our teacups, mugs, and various other drinking things in there.  We achieved our goal of the week, but…it was supposed to be our day off, and I forgot to rest or do anything fun.  So I was worn out and grumpy for a few days.  Here’s what the boxless kitchen looks like:


See that window?  The one over the sink? *happy sigh* I have an awesome kitchen. And yep, I was in the middle of dinner prep when I stopped to take these. Efficiency is my middle name.


Our drinks bar (yay for saving counter space!) And a box of things to go to the thrift store (nothing like moving in to show you what you can really easily do without) that Maria loved to stand at, read books on, and pull the tape off of.  That box and a couple of bags of potatoes are a great help, providing entertainment while Mommy works in the kitchen.  Sometimes.


Mommy, take a picture of ME!  Who wants to see our house, anyway?


Dining room and a few book boxes waiting to be sorted through/unloaded.


Living room…waiting for our couch to come end of July!


Our bedroom


The kinda-sorta-not-so-messy corner of the study.


Sometimes our snugglebug demands her space.


We got a package in the mail!  Thanks to Auntie Hilary, Maria has two new touchy-feely books, which she figured out very quickly.  She now thinks ALL books should have different textures on every page.


And look who’s into 18 month clothes (this one from Grandma H).  Switching back to cloth diapers (finally! yay!) was the last straw, so now I have to sort out all the 12 month things and put them away and fill her drawers with the clothes that fit her.


Eight months and busy as a bee!


She’s getting so good at transitioning from standing to squatting/lunging/sitting and back again without hurting herself as much!


Never Underestimate the Power of the Tongue.


Little did I know when I got a Viking cookie cutter in Bismarck last summer that we would be living so near the home of The Vikings in just a year!

Last night, we went out and drove around the city, and then took a wander on Nicollet Island.  For both of us, the idea of just walking over the Mississippi is mindboggling. Who woulda thunk we’d end up here?!


We ate supper on the steps of the Lourdes church – unfortunately, it was closed, and we couldn’t look inside.


I can’t get over the fact that we can just go on a bit of a drive in the evening and see this.


Just beautiful.


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