Catching Up

Here we are, four months from my last post…I think it’s time to try to keep this up regularly again. First, to try to bring you all up to date on the major happenings in our lives:

On February 15, Stephen was ordained to the priesthood by our diocese’s beloved new bishop, Vince.


It was a wonderful, exhausting trip. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the ordination; I was too busy cleaning up the baby and myself after she deposited a lake of poop in my lap. Yup. I missed both Stephen’s diaconal and priestly ordinations. Could be worse, right?


On the way back, we stopped and visited Stephen’s Grandma T. Maria loved getting to meet her!

Later in February, we went up to interview at St Dunstan’s in St Louis Park, MN. We jokingly called the Twin Cities Metrocity (a la Megamind), as we had previously driven through it during rush hour at the end of a long day, but to our surprise, we found ourselves falling in love, not just with the parish, but with the metro area itself.


Early in March, Stephen was extended a call to serve as rector of St Dunstan’s, which he accepted. Thus began the craziness of realizing how much stuff we actually HAD taken out of boxes during our months of receiving the wonderful blessing of Stephen’s parents’ generous hospitality, as well as how much stuff we had yet to go through from Stephen’s pre-seminary days.

My mom, my sister Hailie, and my brother Freeman all came for a visit; Mama and Hailie were on their way to visit my beautiful new niece in the South, and Freeman was on Spring Break.



We tried to go sledding.  On cardboard.  On a warm day.  It didn’t work.  Oh well, made for cute snowbaby pictures.



April met us with Holy Week, and a beautiful and busy Holy Week it was.  In addition to daily morning prayer in the Hillsdale chapel, we held the special services for each day.  Then Stephen also delivered the homily on Easter Sunday.


We took the train up to Minneapolis to look for housing one weekend in April. We were blessed to find a sweet apartment fairly close to the church.


Maria discovered that she loves swinging.

We made one more trip to visit Stephen’s grandma while we were still in the area.




By the way, our baby is cute AND crazy.




Fun times with Grandma H


Don’t her sparkle eyes just melt you?


And then she turned seven months.  She was actually really cranky when I took this picture, but she was going through a phase where she would never let the camera see her be cranky.


Meet Maria’s security blanket.  No matter the problem, usually all it takes is the tube of teething gel in her hand, and all her troubles melt away.

Thanks to the enormous help of Stephen’s parents, we had a very smooth move.  Our apartment was grubby and needed a ton of scrubbing when we arrived, but things went pretty smoothly.  It was a rough week for Maria, but there were some bright spots, too.


She loves her crib! She’s used it to practice the arts of standing, climbing down, and cruising.


Sleep, quiet,and snuggles have been a major part of making this transition relatively sane.


Early morning goodbyes


Maria decided the next week that life was not good unless she was standing.

While we were still in the midst of moving in, we took a trip down to Nashotah for commencement.


Our annual do-I-have-to-stand-next-to-you picture



Are we done yet?

Glad as we were to rejoice with friends as they completed this chapter of their lives, we were so grateful to get home and unpack some more.


Oops. This one was at Nashotah. Out of order.


Maria made sure we didn’t leave any books in the boxes.


All clear, Mommy!


Maria was more interested in Daddy’s cross than in his party hat.


She decided crawling can be fun after all. Sometimes. When there’s nothing close at hand to pull up on or get into.


Well, don’t YOU inspect your sweet potatoes with a comb?


Mother, I’m perfectly safe. Stop fluttering about me and go get something done.

On Saturday, we took a trip to the basilica, which is incredibly gorgeous. We didn’t stay too long, because preparations for a wedding were underway.



Look, Ma, no hands!

On Sunday, we picked up a desk and a kitchen cabinet at Ikea.


Stephen put together his desk right away. I haven’t finished the cabinet yet.


She found a happy corner where she entertained herself for the longest time.

On Tuesday, we flew down to Colorado for diocesan synod, where Stephen was incardinated into our new home diocese. Maria quite enjoyed the flight this time.



This is the view from our room’s balcony. I’ve missed the mountains so much!

And so now you’re pretty much caught up! We still don’t have internet at home, but once we do, maybe I’ll be a little more faithful at keeping this up!


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