Easter Break


After all the craziness of term, pregnancy, job-searching, and all the myriad little things that pile up, it was wonderful to have this last week off.  We had a visit from Stephen’s parents, and loved spending time with them!  How lovely to have time to visit, relax, and just be together!

From Mom's CameraThey brought me a birthday cake, so we celebrated a few days early, candles, singing, and all!

Today, since we had the day off, we visited St. Sava’s for their beautiful Divine Liturgy in Church Slavonic. Baby loved it so much that after the Epiclesis, I felt movement for the first time!  The church was absolutely gorgeous, but I didn’t take pictures, as I’ll have plenty of chance for that this Friday during the church tour.

After we took our picnic lunch to Starbucks (and shared a drink so that no-one would be grumpy that we were eating in there rather than outside in the cold and wind), we went to Marquette to look at Church of the Gesu, which was astoundingly gorgeous.


The windows were lovely.  I loved the realistic beauty combined with the incredible colours (that our camera really didn’t do justice to).

P1000529The Stations were quite elaborate.


As were the marble pillars.


The presentation


The boy Jesus in the temple


Organ loft


I would imagine that this is Jesus meeting his cousin John – never seen a depiction of that before!


Then we walked over to the Joan of Arc chapel.  I happened to look out the window, and was suddenly blind to all the things around me (most of which was 18th century or older).  This is what I saw:


And then I figured I’d better get a couple of pictures of the chapel, just to be on the safe side.


After even such a short walk, I had to use the toilet.  Again.  So we headed back to the church.  While Stephen was using the facilities before we headed home, I goofed off in front of the mirror (which was apparently just for brides).  Naturally, I had to admire my new blouse and flip flops that I got on Friday (thanks to Dad and Mom H!).


When Stephen got out, he looked at my hands and asked where his hat was.  “Find it,” I said helpfully.  He began rummaging in my purse, and I laughed.   And laughed.  And laughed.  And then he found it.

The end.


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